Not as cool as laser vision, but still good

By Mir
April 16, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My son is overly fond of sentences that start out, “What if….” And he’s not asking about what would happen if everyone is good and kind, either. He wants to know what would happen if everyone had twelve arms! And the ability to breathe fire! And bionic hearing!

(He is not currently for sale, but keep checking back!)

Anyway, I’m sure he’d be very disappointed by this deal at for a Samsung ML-2510 laser printer, because—in spite of being highly-rated, and $94.99 with free shipping and a $50 available rebate (through April 20th, 2008), making it net $45—it doesn’t, you know, shoot lasers.

Oh, well.


  1. I’m holding out for a wireless printer… I’m too lazy to go upstairs to print my stuff every day.

  2. We need a laser color printer. I was all ready to buy this one until I discovered it was black and white.

  3. After realizing this is network-able, I am jumping on it! The site is giving me a little trouble, though, so I hope it’s still available once I finally navigate through.

  4. My honey’s input on this printer is thus:

    It’s a small format printer, which means it doesn’t hold much toner. It’ll only print 3000 pages before it needs a replacement cartridge, which will run you $80. It’s not a bad deal, but it could get expensive if you do a whole lotta printing.

    (That said, he’s very happy with his two pairs of slacks from the Penney’s Wednesday sale.)

  5. Okay, we decided this was the printer for us. Our old printer just died, and we just need a little b&w printer for various things. At the rate we print, 3000 copies is a lot….our old printer died before we used a full cartridge. Thanks Mir!

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