Reminder: Lands’ End contest

By Mir
April 16, 2008
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There’s just a few hours left to enter the contest to win a $100 Lands’ End gift card, as entries close at midnight tonight.

The number of entries is already staggering, and so it is with great pride and a small tear in my eye that I can proclaim, “Wow, you people are really a bunch of cheapskates!”

You make me proud. Carry on.


  1. just lost some weight and i could use a new suit….

  2. Aren’t you glad you added the numbers to the comments?!?

  3. Free stuff, sign me up

  4. I love you!!!!!!!!!

  5. Three of my favorite things all together: Want Not, Land’s End, and Free. I’m in!

  6. Frugal. We’re frugal. Not cheapskates, frugal. Okay, miserly.

  7. I love, love, love “Lands End”! Most everything I wear is from their website or catalog!
    But I have to say I am addicted to “Want Not”! I have to check in to “Want Not” daily. I actually experience withdrawal symptoms if I am forced to miss reading (and most times taking advantage of) a days postings!
    Keep up the great work! We frugal, miserly, cheapskate shoppers can’t get enough!

  8. I was going to say “thrifty!”

  9. That’s funny, “tear in my eye” proclaiming us cheapskates. Made me giggle because I am so guilty.

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