Stimulate your groceries

By Mir
April 17, 2008

My love for The Consumerist cannot be adequately described, so I’ll just refer you to this informative and hilarious post wherein they let us know that Kroger is offering a 10% bonus on federal stimulus checks converted to Kroger gift cards.

Hey, you’re buying groceries anyway… why not make a little extra?


  1. “We are excited about the opportunity to touch the lives of millions of families across the country by helping them extend their household budgets through this special program.”

    Eww–keep your hands to yourself, Kroger!

  2. I wouldn’t take advantage of this offer anyways, but my economic stimulus check is spoken for already.

    dental bills…meet economic stimulus check
    economic stimulus check…meet dental bills
    I now pronounce you…spent…paid…gone…whatever…

    economic stimulus check = esc
    esc (on the keyboard) = escape
    escape = escape from debt!

  3. Folks also need to remember that if you filed your taxes electronically and received a refund via the same method, then you will receive your economic stimulus check electronically; i.e., the money will be electronically deposited in your checking account. So, the Kroger (and other businesses who do the same thing such as Sears) thing may not work.

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