More deals, one day only

By Mir
April 21, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I love how Amazon has been continuing the excitement and love of the Friday Sale with these Kitchen and Home One Day Sale things on Monday. Love it! Sometimes when I’m on the fence about an item on Friday, it reappears on Monday and I get a second chance.

Yes, I am that easily amused, sometimes.

There’s all manner of wonderful things that I like best—KitchenAid mixers and sheet sets and a mezzaluna that looks like a frog (yes, really). You’ll just have to browse through to see if anything there is calling your name.

(I think the mezzaluna set is calling me, but maybe it’s just ribbiting…?)

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  1. oh, the cuteness and deal-ness is fighting with the anti-Rachael Ray-ness inside me. I am pulled in two directions, torn with indecision.

    thanks, mir!

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