Shoe deals at Fashion Bug

By Mir
April 21, 2008

True, I’m not normally going to send you to Fashion Bug for shoes, but they have a ton of choices on clearance right now, and the prices really can’t be beat. (Plus, if you’re something of a brand snob, like I am, remember that they carry a nice array of Skechers and Keds in addition to the off-brand stuff.)

Anyway, go check out the clearance shoes at Fashion Bugicon and see if you can’t snap up a deal.

Make it better with a coupon: Ship your order for free with coupon code 776205700, or use code 776213902 for an additional 50% off one item.


  1. I have been looking everywhere I can think of for months now for cute, cheap flats. Thank you so much for posting on fashion bug the last two days–I was able to get two pairs for around $25! You’re my hero, Mir!

  2. Man, if this doesn’t burn my biscuit…I found the exact pair of shoes I was looking for…added them to my cart, and danged if they didn’t get taken before I was able to continue. Shoot. Last freakin’ pair, and someone stole them out of my cart. I’ve been looking for THREE weeks for these shoes!

  3. I got a pair of $60 sneakers for $10! Woohoo! They’re black, so I won’t wear them until next winter but they are my size and they are brand name (not my usual target brand 😉

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