Quick! Wii console in stock!

By Mir
April 23, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Wanting a Wii? Run to Toys R Us! In stock right now!


  1. THANK YOU, MIR! We’ve been watching for them, so this is great. Wonder if I can hold off until Christmas to give it to them? Doubtful…

  2. Well, did YOU order one for Casa Mir?

  3. Good question, Melisa!
    Thank you, Mir! I got one, too.

  4. unbelievable. I was just feeling grumpy about missing out on TCP sale yesterday (EVERYTHING’s sold out today), and I check Want Not one last time and you have a wii tip!

    I have six nieces and nephews that are going to be made VERY happy by this…

  5. “Temporarily not available online” now… that was fast.

  6. They’re gone. Drat! 🙁

  7. Try Wal mart. I got mine 2 weeks before Christmas, just by calling my local store and asking the manager when they expect a shipment(I found out that UPS deliveres them and they come 3 to a box, my local store gets them on Tuesday or Wednesday). I was shocked how easy that was!

  8. I second the Wal Mart suggestion. My sister got Wiis for her, us, our parents and her in-laws from WM (over several visits of course!) — she said the sign in the case said “out of stock” but they asked anyway and the clerk brought them out.

    Another thing that has worked out well – once you get a Wii, consider GameFly rentals for trying out the games. Nothing makes the bargain hunter in me madder than shelling out $50 for a game no one wants to play.

    Fair warning – some of the games are addictive!! We have bowling and tennis competitions that wear us out. 🙂

  9. If you are seriously looking for a Wii, there are several Wii tracker Web sites out there that are great! I have snagged several for friends using these. In fact, got one today on Amazon with free shipping for my mom!

  10. Okay, maybe I\’m wrong, but it looks like it\’s back in stock…?

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