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By Mir
April 23, 2008
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If you snapped up a Wii earlier—or if you already had one—you may have games on the brain, now. I did a little poking around at Amazon and thought I’d bring the following to your attention:

Super Paper Mario for $39.99 (down from $49.99). Not a huge discount, but the cheapest I’ve seen and a wildly popular and highly-rated game.

High School Musical: Sing It! for $18.99 (down from $49.99). Not very good reviews, truthfully, but maybe good for a die-hard HSM fan?

High School Musical: Sing It! bundle w/ microphone for $39.99 (down from $59.99). Strangely enough, this gets better reviews than the other one, even though it’s the same game. And I’m not sure if you can buy the mic separately so who knows if this is an equivalent deal, but there you go.

Monster Jam for $29.99 (down from $49.99). Great reviews! Looks like just the thing for getting out a little hostility. Hee.

Luxor: Pharaoh’s Challenge for $19.99 (dwn from $39.99). Dude, it’s educational.

And to answer the earlier question… no, I didn’t snag a Wii for myself. I know. I was busy posting it and working on something else and then they were out of stock. Next time….


  1. Here’s a tip. We’ve learned the hard way that our 7 year old will not necessarily like the wii games we think she will. We’ve wasted some money on games that none of us really end up playing, even if they have great reviews. Just not the right game for us, I guess.

    So now we rent games first, from a movie rental place. They don’t have all the most current games, but they have a good selection even in our small town. If we like the game, then we look for a deal on it. Sometimes we find that the game is much fun, but not necessarily something we want to spend $50 on too. And sometimes we’re just glad we didn’t buy it, because we don’t much like it.

  2. If you buy a game you don’t like much, go to and register – you can swap it for one you’ll like better! We already swapped Big Brain Academy (very sloooow, and obnoxious character chides you when you get questions wrong – stick to Smarty Pants, a much more fun quiz game) for Rayman Rabbids, which the kiddo knew he liked from a friend’s house.

    Only problem with renting is that we only belong to Netflix at this point, no local movie rental place. But I may look for one just for this.

  3. Genevieve, I posted on the other Wii entry about renting Wii games from GameFly (.com) – like Netflix for video games. It’s a great way to try the games out.

  4. Thank you so much! My 10 year old has been saving her money for the High School Musical Wii game with the microphone and only had $53. They are around $55 to $60 in most of the stores so she was very excited to be able to order it for cheaper and have some money left. She and my other daughter pooled their money and also got the Hannah Montana game. So a very good day for 2 little girls and they payed for it themselves!!!

  5. Thank you! My monster-truck loving son has a birthday in a few weeks and will be thrilled to receive Monster Jam! He’s asked for it, but he knew I wouldn’t spend $50 on it . . . now he will be surprised to receive it!

  6. We really enjoy the Ocean Wonders game, although it’s more of an interactive documentary adventure than a game…

    very relaxing and pretty.

  7. Yes, Toys R Us seems to have the Wii in stock. I saw it in their ad in the Sunday paper, called them to find out that they have “tons” in stock, and I drove up there to get it. He said you can also preorder for next week’s shipment. (This was in Delaware, by the way.)

  8. I got an email from Circuit City that they have Wii bundles in stock online (not sure about in-store). If you’re interested the bundle includes a Wii, two controllers, two nunchuks and two games for ~$400 plus tax, with free shipping.

  9. Thanks, Dawn – I’ll check it out!

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