Another way to get a Wii

By Mir
April 24, 2008
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As Dawn was kind enough to point out on yesterday’s post, right now you can order a Wii bundle from Circuit City, too. It costs more, obviously ($400, I think), but in addition to the base console—which comes with one remote—you get a second remote, a nunchuck, and your choice of two games from a list of eight choices.

Just another option in case you’re trying to track one down….


  1. That’s how we got one at Walmart. It was a good deal, since you get to choose the games, not just take what’s in the bundle. And you’ll want a couple of games with it anyway.

  2. Decisions, decisions. Just got an email from TRU. They are expecting to have more then usual in stock Sunday and you can preorder it ($200 down). Mario cart is due out on Sunday as well… sure sounds like fun!!

  3. All gone.

  4. Hey – has a bundle right now too. It’s $563 for a Wii console, a bunch of accessories and 5 games (Mario Party 8 plus 4 others you get to choose).

    Doing my part to spread the addiction… LOL

  5. Check frequently at Walmart sometimes they get them in out of the blue… That’s how we got ours right after Christmas… Mario Party 8 is amazing, we pre-ordered Mario Cart too, it came with the steering wheel if you pre-order at the Game Stop. We’re a little Wii addicted, with gas prices so high we do a family game night instead of going out- Mario Party 8 is great for this. For those of you that don’t have one they are worth every penny!

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