That’s a lot of free prints

By Mir
April 24, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Go sign up at to get 400 (!!) free prints from them.

Is the quality any good? No idea. They’re a new site, and I have no personal experience to share. But I feel confident assuring you that your free prints will be worth every penny you paid for them.


  1. Did you happen to read the terms and conditions? #4 says valid on orders placed and shipped within the globe only. Huh? Where else is there or am I missing something?

  2. I was just coming to post that, Lisa. I guess if you want those prints shipped to Grandma on Jupiter you’re out of luck.

  3. Were you able to figure out how long you have to order the 400 prints? The terms and conditions just say “time limit” but doesn’t specifiy how long.

  4. It looks like you get 50 4×6 and 50 5×7 each month for three months. So you do have a time limit. I am not too sure about the globe thing. Very weird…

  5. Sorry I meant 4 months!

  6. “Within the globe” is hilarious.

    Does anyone have any suggestions what in the world to do with 200 5×7’s? Wallpaper the bathroom maybe?

  7. I also noticed that some of the spelling and grammar is practically engrish-esque.

    “Whether you are professional photographers, models, make up artists or just ordinary people, you can share your works or life through our platforms with friends and family. Artscow also offer more than 200 personalized photo products ranging from photo books, playing cards, mugs, T-shirts, mousepads and so much more’s at the lowest price on the earth.”

    I’m definitely still up for trying out free prints, but it certainly doesn’t instill confidence when the writing is that bad.

  8. Ha they could write in ebonics and as long as I get my free prints … I don’t care!! LOL

  9. I noticed the language right away. Looked it up. They are based in Hong Kong…I still may try it for the free prints. I just don’t want my pictures running around out there on their own in the wild.

  10. Is anyone else not able to get to the site?? Every time I try, it says “Firefox can’t find the server at” Yikes!

  11. this is the slowest site ever….

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