Feeling Friday

By Mir
May 2, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a rather long and unpleasant week, so I’m eager to get this party started. And by “get this party started” I mean “say good-bye to the week and sleep late tomorrow.”

Thankfully the Amazon Friday Sale is here to make it all better.

(Although, right now all of the clothing and apparel appears to be out of stock, which makes me wonder if they’re having a bit of a glitch over at Amazon. Weird.)

Hey, they’ve got Mother’s Day on the brain over there. You could pick up a cheap digital picture keychain or the interchangeable frame 6.5-inch Philips frame on the cheap. Or you could go with the single frame Philips for 53% off, which is probably your cheapest great-quality choice. (Of course, I still maintain that this frame is the biggest bang for your buck, as well as being a great value, but that’s a pricier option.)

Hey, you could always give Mom the gift of not getting lost. Tell her it was 52% off and it may just bring a tear to her eye.

I know it looks like an elaborate torture device, but I can assure you that this hammock chair is one of the most comfortable things ever. And $29.99 is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

Maybe Mama wants a serger. (Not me. I still have nightmares about the sewing machine whose bobbins were trying to kill me. Don’t ask.)

Got allergies? How about some hypo-allergenic pillows?

This Oral-B sonic toothbrush has two cleaning modes, one specifically for sensitive teeth. I don’t know if that second mode just gently coaxes the plaque off (“You can do it, teeth! I believe in you!”) or what, but it sounds good, no?

Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. Love those little photo keychains. I ordered two for the gift closet – I’m thinking Christmas for the grandparents…

  2. Loving the idea of the hammock chair. But two things – it looks like the one you marked isn’t the one with a pillow, and I don’t see the pillows sold separately; and wouldn’t you need to buy a frame with it?

  3. Am ordering those keychains right now!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  4. Awesome, I just ordered 2 keychains too. Perfect for the Moms….

  5. I have that toothbrush, and it’s lovely. The sensitive setting is good for brushing the tongue.

    But what Mama needs is a good deal on shoes. In the past two weeks, I’ve had two pairs die on me, and that’s all the excuse I need.

  6. Dear Mir,
    What do you know about the ‘Tobi’ wrinkle remover system, if anything? I saw an infomercial and now I’m itching to get one. Thanks!

  7. You think it’s “weird” for Amazon to have a glitch?

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