Every gift closet should have one

By Mir
May 5, 2008

My kids are getting to the age where I’m having more trouble stocking the gift closet. They’re getting pickier, plus a lot of their friends already seem to own everything I think is nifty. Hmph.

So you can call me juvenile if you like (you wouldn’t be the first one), but when I saw this remote-control snake at Deep Discount for just $9.89 shipped I knew it would not only be a great staple for many of my kids’ friends, I had a brief but vivid fantasy of putting it on the kitchen floor some morning when breakfast isn’t moving quickly enough for my liking. Heh.

(It is currently out of stock, but can be ordered for future delivery. For reference, the same toy will run you in excess of $20 at Amazon.)


  1. That went fast. It’s no longer available. Would have been perfect for the gift closet.

  2. Mir – I am liking that snake, but… my favorite gift to give to my boys’ friends is a magazine subscription! Kids love to get mail and with that, they always have something new on hand to read for their required reading for school. (reading for 20 minutes/night in addition to homework is standard around here) There are so many magazines out there geared for just about any interest in any age group. I also get a huge sigh of relief and a “Thanks” from the moms when they see there’s one less plastic “thing” taking up space in their house.

    For the 7-9 year old set this year, I’ve given: Ranger Rick, Sports Illustrated for Kids, American Girl, and Nickelodeon. I haven’t had a disappointed kid yet!

  3. I’d get one just to scare my oldest son, he’s always jumping out at me…serve him right to get him back lol.

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