Yo, Mommy!

By Mir
May 5, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The purveyors of my favorite decadent yogurt, YoBaby (mmmm… whole milk yogurt!), are at it again. Yes, Stonyfield Farm now has yogurt targeted at moms, and it’s called—what else?—YoMommy.

YoMommy’s so ugly, she eats this yogurt. YoMommy’s so funny-looking, she loads up on dairy. Hmmmm. See, I think the name is slightly unfortunate, but knowing Stonyfield Farm, I bet it tastes pretty good.

You can go try it for free, but don’t come back here yelling at me if people start hurling “Yo Mommy’s so…” insults.

Yo Mommy’s so full of calcium, she makes your bones stronger. Word.


  1. Whaddup, sucka?!?! Yo Mommy’s so full of bacteria, she keeps yo digestive system healthy.

    (I’m SO too white for this.)

  2. This is so funny that I may go buy the yogurt even though I hate milk.

  3. OK, Damsel made me forget the “Yo Mommy” joke I was going to post!

  4. I knew I wasn’t the only one who can only think of “yo mama” jokes when they hear “yo mommy”. Seems to be a slight oversight by the Stonyfield Farm marketing folks… but I won’t let that keep me from getting some FREE yogurt!

  5. Erin, I don’t think it’s an oversight; it was probably intentional.

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