Win a streamlined morning routine

By Mir
May 10, 2008
Category Contests

This contest isn’t going to be particularly sexy, but it does involve some free stuff you’d probably like to have, so check this out:

The folks at Oral-B say this: “Since we spend so much of our morning in the bathroom, try and use as many multitasking tools as you can like a two in one shampoo and conditioner or try a moisturizer with SPF built in.”

So what you’ll receive if you win is an Oral-B CrossAction Pro-Health toothbrush (motto: Space age technology and a really long name!), a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner, and some Oil of Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15. It will streamline your morning routine! And also be free!

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 11th, 2008. One comment per person, with a valid email address, please! Winner to be chosen by random number generation and x-ray vision. Which is not built into any of the products you’ll be winning. Sorry.



  1. Oh, man, not sexy but totally awesome.

  2. I like product!

  3. Pick me!

  4. Face it, who cares about sexy in the morning? I just hate morning breath and bed head!

  5. Sounds like fun!

  6. Who doesn’t need more time in the morning?

  7. Sounds like fun to me. Worth a try.

  8. I need to streamline my morning routine. and the evening one too – got anything for that?

  9. me please

  10. I’d love to have this, sexy or not.

  11. I’m send you vibes to pick me…please!!!

  12. Not sexy, but useful!

  13. With 2 kids, anything to speed up the routine is wonderful!

  14. very cool prize!

  15. I’m up for free stuff!

  16. Sweet!

  17. Hey sounds useful!

  18. Umm… can you also give me a streamlined waistline? That’d be awesome! BTW, just discovered this and LOVE the site. Thanks!

  19. I LOVE toothbrushes!

    (I have issues.)

  20. Man, I’d love some X-ray vision, but I’ll settle for these. I guess I’ll have to be content with my “Mom Eyes In the Back of My Head”.

  21. memememe!

  22. I’d love this, thanks!

  23. Excellent, count me in!

  24. pick me!

  25. With two kids under 2.5 yrs I need all the extra time I can get… hook me up!

  26. I’m in…

  27. Oh lovely random number generator, pick me, pick me! 🙂

  28. anything to save time!

  29. Considering that is already my shampoo and moisturizer of choice, I’d love some free products!

  30. Free’s good.

  31. These are the products that help bring sexy back, though. I’m in!

  32. Thanks Mir, I’d love to win.

  33. Awesome and pretty!

  34. Count me in for this one!

  35. Cool! Count me in!!! 😀

  36. Pick me!

  37. What the heck!

  38. I’m all about streamlining!

  39. As long as I don’t have to say that long name first thing in the morning….

  40. Very cool stuff!! I like contests!


  42. I love trying new stuff…..

  43. What a wonderful contest! Mir, have I told you lately how pretty and intelligent you are?

    Thanks for offering these contests.


  44. ooh, Mir. You’re so pretty

  45. Oh Mir! The contests! They’re so wonderous 🙂

  46. I want to win this time!

  47. I’d love to win this one!

  48. How fun! I love multitasking. This could save me enough time in the morning that I could actually start running before work! Woohoo!

  49. I really, really want one. Please.

  50. I’ve been meaning to try that shampoo. I never know if I trust 2-in-1s.

  51. I didn’t realize my morning activities were so inefficient.

  52. I like just about anything free!

  53. I already love Oil of Olay, and the other products sound great too! Thanks, Mir.

  54. Sounds great!

  55. Sounds good to me!

  56. Super cool. Thanks!

  57. This single mother thing doesn’t allow me the luxury of ‘sexy’, so utilitarian prizes are particularly enticing 🙂

  58. Woo! Fancy schmancy toothbrush! 🙂

  59. Thanks for the chance to win, even if it’s not a sexy prize.

  60. Sounds like a good deal.

    Happy Mother’s Day, all!

  61. Pick me Pick me!

  62. Awesome, baby!

  63. Wow! Sounds great!!!

  64. Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Pick Me, Pick Me!! With 3 kids and a husband who is gone in a military school 5 days a week – I can use all the extra time I can get!!

  66. Definitely count me in!

  67. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

  68. Sounds great!

  69. If it’s free, it’s me! 🙂

  70. Hello? Need some help with multitasking over here! Pick me, please!

  71. Pick Me! Pick Me!

  72. Streamlining rocks. As does free stuff I’ll use!

  73. All of this stuff would make me feel like a new woman. lol

  74. Mir your site is too popular! 🙂
    With that said… Can you streamline my morning as well?

    Thanks Mir for these contests.

  75. Oooo! My birthday is coming up. This would make a great birthday present 😉

  76. Giving it another try…

  77. NO x-ray vision? Fine, I guess I’ll take all of that other free stuff off of your hands 😉

  78. I love pantene stuff! cool.

  79. Would love it …

  80. yeah! a contest!

  81. My husband tells me that the most unsexy thing he’s ever seen is a woman brushing her teeth while on the toilet. And no, he didn’t see that in a magazine…

  82. Thanks!

  83. I am all about multi-tasking to save time…Thanks

  84. How is great hair, flawless skin and squeeky clean teeth NOT sexy?! 😉

  85. From your blog title, i thought it would be something like a date with the clutter busters or an organization guru…but this will do.

  86. I would love it!

  87. Entering again. One of the few males. Woot!

  88. Sounds like a great giveaway!

  89. Me and hubbie share our home computer and love your site. We used to both enter your contests but now with your rule of one IP address entry per contest, we will just enter once for the two of us. We only want to be rule abiders. Thanks for all the good shopping advise. 🙂

  90. Evidently I need one of these, since my last exam showed the first cavity I’ve ever had.

  91. I’m in, Thanks

  92. I think this is an awesome prize.

  93. i’m not sexy either 🙂

  94. Who needs sexy when you can have this?!

  95. seriously

  96. Here’s hoping 98 is a lucky number! (?)

  97. That is the longest toothbrush name I have ever seen! And I would totally use it.

  98. I need help multi-tasking. Not good at it at all.

  99. I would love it!

  100. I was just introduced to your blog by a friend. I am already in love!

  101. Oh, ME! PICK ME! PICK ME! ME ME ME ME ME!!!

  102. What a great package!

  103. Great stuff! I need all the help I can get in the mornings!

  104. Yay!

  105. Cool!

  106. Gotta love useful!

  107. I would love to be streamlined!

  108. I am ALL about streamlining!

  109. starting a new job which is going to require me to be up earlier, so streamlined would be wonderful, lovely Mir.

  110. Thanks, Mir.

  111. thanks!

  112. Pick Me!

  113. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  114. lay it on me, random number generator!

  115. I’d love to win it!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  116. Count me in, I’d love to win!

  117. one of these days I’ll win something.

  118. Ohhh! Me please!

  119. Who doesn’t like to win, right?

  120. Not sexy, but practical…

  121. X-ray vision, please pick me!

  122. Yeh! Thanks!

  123. pick me!!

  124. Well, I won’t win but I’m too dumb to stop trying. Who doesn’t want to streamline their morning? This prize, some IV coffee with a Red Bull chaser and I’m good to go!

  125. Dang, I could really use the X-Ray Vision to see what those ornery kids are up to in the next room.

  126. Here’s to hoping that even though the products aren’t sexy…they’ll help me be 🙂

  127. Finally! A weekend contest I didn’t miss! 🙂 Count me in!

  128. If anybody’s life needs streamlining, it’s mine!

  129. Thanks for the chance!

  130. Come on random number generator – choose me lord knows I could use an easier morning routine…

  131. Happy Mother’s Day!

  132. Not sexy, but still a great contest!

  133. i could use the streamlined morning… happy mother’s day, mir! (ps. you were gorgeous on the today show!)

  134. You can’t beat free!

  135. very nice prize – pick me! =)

  136. I’d like that!

  137. Please pick me!

  138. I need a new toothbrush!

  139. I like to try new products,but I really need to streamline that morning routine…..

  140. Here goes, I love a clean mouth!

  141. I need every extra minute I can get. Now if it only included a way to streamline the morning exercise routine too……

  142. Woohoo! Streamline me!

  143. WOW! Count me in, please 🙂

  144. awesome!

  145. Would love one of those sonic B toothbrushes! Oh, how I need to streamline!


  146. this sounds fantastic!

  147. free is always, ALWAYS, always sexy.

  148. This sounds like fun — please enter me in the contest.

  149. I love that kind of thing.

  150. Enter me, please.

  151. I’m up for multi-tasking!

  152. I would love these products!

  153. Oh, yes!

  154. me, please! i love Pantene

  155. Anything that can streamline my morning would allow me more time for my coffee!! Thanks!

  156. Pick me please!

  157. I’m in. Thanks!

  158. Please pick me!

  159. stream lining is good!

  160. I would love to win these, I need all the extra time I can get!

  161. What with a 14 month old baby and a 14 month case of insomnia, I am the poster child for morning streamlinization. See? I’m so tired, I’m making up words.

  162. I’m in! This is a fun giveaway. I completely need to streamline my morning so this would be an excellent start.

  163. #164 sounds lucky to me.

  164. I would love this!

  165. Happy Mother’s Day!

  166. Would love some “me” items!

  167. mir your so pretty!

  168. I’m definitely up for some free stuff!

  169. Yay! Sign me up…

  170. What a wonderful assortment of “morning” goodies. Thanks for putting together another great give away.

  171. Great bundle of products. Sign me up, please.

  172. I would love to win, thanks!

  173. Thanks for the great give-aways! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  174. Sign me up! Anything to get me out the door faster in the morning…

  175. Yea! I love me some clean teeth! Oh, and stopping the wrinkles and sun damage would be good too. Hee!

  176. Thanks for all of your steals and deals! I love all of those products!

  177. Count me in!

  178. I need all the help I can get!

  179. Meee!!!

  180. Maybe the tenth time is the charm. I want to win something, someday!!!

  181. Cool Prize! I’d love to win!!

  182. I think this might make me more pretty, so yes! I’m in.

  183. I could use a streamlined morning routine!

  184. Count me in!

  185. An excuse to sleep a few more minutes? I’m in!

  186. This would be awesome!

  187. This would be something Me want!

  188. pick me ? ^_^

  189. Love Oil of Olay already, would love to test drive these other items!

  190. Wooo Hooo! Count me in please!

  191. entering!

  192. anything to save time in the morning rush…

  193. Winning would be fun.

  194. Oh I love this stuff!

  195. Anything to make the mornings smoother!

  196. thanks

  197. A new toothbrush is VERY sexy, I’ll have you know.

  198. Cool!

  199. Happy Mother’s Day!

  200. I love Pantene. 🙂

  201. hope i win. happy mothers day to all.

  202. I loves me some toiletries! I loves me some free toiletries even more!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  203. ME ME ME –

  204. What ever will I do with all the time I’ll save in the bathroom?

  205. U R Awesome. 🙂

  206. Thanks for the chance!

  207. Thanks! I’m currently sacrificing a latte to the gods of random number generation….

  208. Yoohoo! Random number generator! Over here!

  209. Pick me!

  210. me, please!

  211. X-ray vision? Yikes!

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  212. You’ll be sexy AFTER you use the products.

  213. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

  214. No, not her, or her, or even her, pick me.

  215. I will give it another try, maybe it is my lucky day!

  216. Good deal. I’m in!

  217. PIck me! Pick me!

  218. Free is always good; sexy is only for bonus points.

  219. Pick mE!!!!

  220. And Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  221. my teeth need this!

  222. What a great trio of a deal!!!

  223. I would love it!!!

  224. Oh, pick me. It’s been a long time since I’ve won anything.

  225. Ooh, count me in!

  226. me likey

  227. If it’s free, it’s for me!!!

  228. oh brushing goodness, count me in!

    thanks pretty pretty Mir!

  229. woohoo, more contests I can lose!

  230. Happy Mothers Day!!

  231. pick me! Pick me!

  232. Not sexy at all but great indeed!

  233. GREAT!!! Thanks!

  234. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

  235. Yay! I want it!

  236. I hope I am the random lucky number!

  237. Please enter me! I would love to win!

  238. Practical can be fun 😉

  239. Meeeeeeeee!

  240. great! Sign me p

  241. Maybe I’ll have better luck on this contest…

  242. Count me in. Thanks

  243. cool products! count me in, too. thanks

  244. Please?

  245. Sign me up!


  246. I like free stuff. Pick me please.

  247. I knew I had a reason to check in at the end of the weekend, I almost missed my chance!

  248. I go to work at 5:00 a.m. Any help multitasking would be great. Thanks! (and happy Mothers’ Day.)

  249. Fingers and toes crossed

  250. me?

  251. Love it.

  252. Pick me! Pretty pretty please? 🙂

  253. I’m in!!!


  254. oooh, pick me, pick me!!

  255. Happy Mother’s Day!

  256. Would love a new toothbrush – just found out my four year old son has been using mine to “shake his brain”.

  257. Late again? 😛

  258. If the contest ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, then I’m in. Thanks!

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