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By Mir
May 12, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Did you know that Nine Inch Nails is giving away their latest album? It’s true! Register and download the slip for free.

Maybe this doesn’t thrill you, but perhaps you have a teenager or a hipper friend who’ll be excited about it. (Me, I’m not a huge NIN fan, but free is always something to be shared, right?)


  1. Teen agers? NIN’s first album was 1989 and they hit it big in 1994, so their core fans are probably closer to your age than your kids’. Of course, it is probably true that their new stuff is only being bought by high school/college types (you can pretty much guess most people’s school years by their album collection).

    Note: I’m not a big NIN fan – a little too industrial for me. And thanks as always for the great deal notice.

  2. OK, call me immature (I do!) but I actually like NIN. As soon as our high speed connection is working again (*pokes ISP*) I’ll download the album, because there is no way I am attempting it on dialup! I think my teens like NIN…. Funny, though, I like “Closer”, and they don’t. Why are you looking at me like that?

  3. I agree with sumo, and my husband and I are both fans. So thanks!

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