Refurb iPhones, back again

By Mir
May 14, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you missed out on this deal last time, heads up—AT&T has cheap refurbished iPhones for sale again. Just $249 for the 8G model and $349 for the 16G model.

While this is not the sort of thing I’d encourage anyone to grab on an impulse buy, if you’re considering one, anyway, it’s a great deal. I still absolutely love mine, especially the part about getting it on sale.


  1. OMG I want this SO badly!!! WHY does The Man have to be unemployed right now?!?

    I missed out the last time because I couldn’t get there quickly enough and they ran out and now I have one in my shopping cart and I can’t decide…do I click order now or not?!?

  2. We are holding out since there is good-source rumors that there will be a subsidized iPhone for new customers in June… We haven’t yet switched for this reason and my husband REALLY wants an iPhone but will be so much happier with it if he gets it subsidized.

  3. Word is AT&T will have them for $199 shortly as MamaChristy mentioned, subsidized like most other phones are by cell providers.

  4. Uuuugghhh! I’m too slow. They’re out already! Thanks for the tip. That’ll teach me to not check your sight every hour. 🙂

  5. Wooo Hooo! They’re back again. I just ordered a 16 GB iPhone. Thanks to your site (not sight like I typed in my last comment) for keeping me looking!

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