Crazy 8 offering free shipping again

By Mir
May 15, 2008

And not just that, 20% off, too.

Shop Crazy 8 through May 18th, 2008, and take 20% off your order and receive free shipping with coupon code SAVE20

I know folks have had mixed opinions about their clothing, but I’ve bought a ton of stuff there for my kids and have been very pleased with all of it. The boys’ clothing in particular has been a pleasant surprise. Then again, I’ve come to expect very little from boys’ clothing in general.

Go! Shop! Lots of stuff already on sale, too.


  1. I have ordered tons of stuff from there and we really like it all. The shipping is a little slow but the bargains make up for it!

  2. I placed an order a few months back, got some shirts and maybe pants. They are fabulous. I’m totally ordering again.

  3. Slightly unrelated… but in your prettiness, Mir, I hope you won’t mind 🙂

    Which are the shoe websites that still offer price matching? There’s a pair of shoes I simply must have, for about a dozen occasions coming up this summer, and they’re at a price I just cannot bring myself to pay…

    Any slight discount would make me feel so much better about the whole thing.

  4. I wuv you.

  5. I ordered Crazy8 last Christmas for gifts. Everything was great except the shirt that said, “Lets go!” Mir, I know you know what I mean.

  6. I received an e-mail from them on Monday about the 20% off but I didn’t read what day it started and just started shopping. Then when I was checking out the code wasn’t working. I was like what the heck?!? I went back and checked the code and tried all caps, lower case, spaces, etc. Finally I e-mailed their customer service and they told me…the code isn’t good until the 15th. Can you say LO-SER! I’m SO glad it’s finally the 15th!

  7. Oh man, RubiaLala, that exact thing happened to me earlier this week!!! Of course, when I went back today, the things I wanted weren’t available. :-/

  8. I love Crazy8. I’ve gotten some fantastic deals on clothes for my 6 year old son and have found the quality to be very good. One of my favorites is the Silent But Deadly skunk print shirt that I learned about here. 🙂

  9. I’ve ordered from them and shopped in their store many times and have always found their service and the quality of the clothes to be excellent.

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