Time to stock the gift closet!

By Mir
May 15, 2008

It looks like Amazon is doing another toy clearance. Are you ready to stock up?

Here’s a few things at 70% off to get you started:

Cranium Squawkbox – Bug Hunt for $3.90
Cranium Squawkbox – Pirate’s Passage for $3.90
Cranium Squawkbox – Lunch Munch for $3.00
Cranium Whoonu for $4.50
Monopoly: Spider-Man for $9.00
Twister Moves High School Musical for $6.60
Lontic Wild Quest Giant Gorilla Rescue Set for $12
Dino Valley 2 Sky-Lifter Helicopter Set for $12

And here’s a couple at 60% off:

Hasbro Guess Who? Marvel Heroes Edition for $7.20 (this was my son’s favorite game ever)
Transformers Robot Fighters Game for $10

I’ll add some more to this post as I find them. Snap ’em up quick before they jack the prices up again.


  1. I just ordered 6 games for $28.40!! Thanks for the heads up!! (I also got free shipping on my items!)

  2. Wow, you have good recommendations. I got the transformers robot game for a birthday gift and 2 squawkboxes for the kids for Christmas (yeah, me!). Then I HAD to find $10 worth of stuff for me to make the shipping free. Today is a good day!

  3. Yes! Birthday shopping for 3 nieces is DONE, and only cost me $29. $20 of which was paid for with a gift card. SCORE.

  4. WooHoo! Great gifts for cheap…I noticed most of those games had great reviews too! Thanks lovely Mir!

  5. Does anyone have experience with the Squawkbox games? I’d like to pick one up for a cousin, but he’s only 6 and the label says 7-12…

  6. Erin, I bought all 3 of them for my 5 1/2 and 11 1/2 yr olds! (if that helps at all)

  7. It does! I figured it would be OK, but I didn’t want to get them if it seemed like a generous age-limit estimate! 🙂

  8. I was just looking in my gift closet for kids’ gifts yesterday and was lamenting its nearly-empty state. Thanks for some great ideas — I picked up a few!

  9. I love you, Mir! 🙂 I just got the Squakboxes to give to each of the kids attending my son’s birthday party! No “bags o’crap” from us this year!

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