The last Friday of the school year

By Mir
May 16, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, I know many of you still have school for another month. But the weirdest most awesome thing about school in the south is that it ends in May! Like, next week! And I will not be missing getting up at 6:00 every darn day, nope. I think I’m celebrate my last school Friday with a little… Amazon Friday Sale!

Um, in case you need some underwear in jail? (Oh, it’s a bikini bottom. Nevermind.)

Man, if I had this elliptical trainer I would… uh… probably hang clothes on it, like I did my last elliptical trainer.

It’s a backpack… and a baby carrier. Kinda cool. (Note that the red is marked down more than the blue.)

If you can’t decide between a blender and a food processor… get both! The Cuisinart Duet is ideal for killing two birds with one stone (or for people without a lot of storage space), and $49.99 for a refurb is a steal.

Cheap, multipurpose wedding gift alert. (Because who doesn’t like bread? Communists, that’s who.)

I’ve never felt the need for a separate food steamer, but the reviews are incredible and at $24.99 I’m wondering if maybe I’m doing it wrong. (For starters, the picture is of lobster tails. Definitely haven’t ever made those.)

This chair just hit an all-time price low ($100 cheaper than it was when it was a Gold Box deal!), and when I look at it all I can see is curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. Is that wrong?

The very idea of fleece sheets makes me sweat, but if you live in a cold climate, this is the time to snap these up, when they’re dirt cheap. Put ’em away for next year.

Who needs an office chair?

Mmmmmm… Larabars. Don’t forget that you can choose “Subscribe & Save” for an additional 15% off, then cancel it afterwards to avoid repeat orders.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. After I head out w/ my kindergarten son’s (clarke county) field trip this afternoon, I am heading back to my computer to buy a long-overdue wedding gift… and I just found it thanks to you!

  2. I have to say, I’ve never seen Larabars for more than $1 apiece at my local Kroger, but if they weren’t sold here locally, I’d snap up that deal in a heartbeat.

  3. noooooo! I really want that red chair! AND I got my stimulus check…. must resist beautiful red chair!!!!!!

  4. fyi: Steamers are a must have in high-altitude living.

  5. I just got the flannel sheets for the kids beds up here in Maine. Still chilly.

  6. Is it just me, or has the Friday Sale at Amazon been completely lame for several months now?

  7. My daughter looooooves fleece sheets — flannel, too.

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