This is what happens when I clean out my desk

By Mir
May 17, 2008
Category Contests

You know how it’s really great that folks donate stuff for me to give away for contests? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

But do you know what else? For one of my other jobs, folks sometimes send me screeners for review. Screeners—if you don’t know—are simply DVDs of television shows. They come in flimsy little plastic shells instead of fancy DVD cases, but the discs themselves are otherwise just like ones you would buy. Well, other than the fact that they say “NOT FOR RETAIL SALE!” on them.

Anyhoo, I have a whole stack of screeners here that I need to get rid of. My desk runneth over! Let’s call it the Preschooler Special: These five discs include specials from The Backyardigans, The Wonder Pets, Dora the Explorer, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Five hours of child entertainment, right here, that could be yours.

Wanna win ’em? Leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 18th, 2008. Winner to be determined by random drawing and whether or not my backpack talks to me when I scream “backpack!” at it over and over. (Don’t ask. It’s been a long week.)



  1. I have a 10 hour drive coming up with two little ones. I’m pretty sure that we could watch all those DVDs twice and I wouldn’t even have to SPEAK to my children. Ah, heaven.

  2. Coming out of the closet as a Spongebob fan (don’t tell my husband, he’ll then think he has enough evidence to commit me-heh)! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Yeah baybee!

  4. MEEEEE!

  5. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME! We’re leaving on a 10-day, 2200-mile car trip on Wednesday, and so more electronic entertainment to lull my kids into a zombie state would be MOST excellent! Plus, you’d save shipping on the delivery fee…. hee hee.

  6. I never win contests, but worth a shot. My son would love these.

  7. Backpack, backpack! My little one would love it!

  8. My two preschoolers would LOVE this! Thanks, Pretty Mir!

  9. Oooh! My son would love this one!!!

  10. These would be a great present for my son!

  11. Great present for grandbabies.

  12. Weeee’re your best friends the backyardigans…

  13. swiper, no swiping! my little one loves all of those shows!

  14. I could use an extra five hours, er, I mean my daughter would love five extra hours of entertainment!

  15. Yay! We love Spongebob!

  16. This is sewious.

  17. The prospect of some relief on our long drives is irresistible!

  18. ooooh! fun!

  19. Another family with a long trip coming up–we’d love to win these!

  20. I want it!

  21. Perfection!

  22. Pick me!

  23. I don’t have kids, but I have little cousins – this would make excellent Christmas/birthday gifts. 🙂

  24. I’m a ventriloquist, I could make your backpack talk to you!

  25. I would love the preschool pack!!! yeah!

  26. This would totally make our drive to the Outer Banks in a few weeks bearable.

  27. Ooohhhh… entertainment for the little ones this summer!

  28. Five hours without two small boys bothering me! Wheeee!

  29. Free childcare? Is there no limit to the greatness of the gifts you offer?

  30. yay!

  31. Pretty Please?

  32. My kids would love these!

  33. Sounds great! Thanks!

  34. Sounds great.

  35. I have 3 little ones who would be sooo happy!!

  36. I’ve got 3 little ones that love all those shows! I hope I’m the winner 🙂

  37. we could definitely use these!!

  38. Count me in! Summer is coming all too quickly 🙂

  39. On behalf of my 2 1/2 year old, pretty please with sugar on top?

  40. 2 boys. 12 hour car trip. I’m desperate.

  41. Hooray!

  42. Add me to the list! Those 4 boys of mine would love them! And I’m a closet Backyardigans lover.

  43. My son loves all of these shows! 🙂

  44. Pick me, oh pretty one!

  45. I’m in!

  46. Dude, I’m game. I totally know who I could share them with.

  47. Pick me oh random number generator!! My kids would love to have these as I’m such a mean mom who won’t hook up cable in their rooms!

  48. Oooh, I could so use these! We have a looong car trip coming up next month and some new DVDs would totally bribe the kid into silence. I mean, keep him busy.

  49. would love these-

  50. Awesome! My girls would be thrilled! Thanks for the chance!

  51. Sweet! I….uh, I mean, my kids love all of these cartoons!

  52. Oooh, ooooh, pick me!

  53. I hope I am picked!

  54. What neat prizes! Just in time for those long (or not so long – due to gas prices!!) summer road trips. Thanks!

  55. My daughter would love those dvds

  56. Oh! DVDs… Mir, what is your other job?

  57. Ewww, pick me!!!!

  58. I teach pre k, and have a baby…double use!

  59. My 4 year old loves all those cartoons… pick us, pick us!!

  60. Me me me!

  61. Wow this is the best giveaway ever for those of us with preschoolers! Go Mir!

  62. I’ve no chance, but those would help entertain the horde pretty well…

  63. Yes, please!! Lucky number 65!

  64. I hope, for your sake, that your backpack shuts the h* up for once! 🙂 Fingers crossed for something new to watch and to replace the princesses in my daughters heart…

  65. Count me in!

  66. My kids would love these!

  67. NO cable or satellite over here so new “shows” for my 3 year old would be a hit in our house.

  68. one of these days, I will have the lucky number….

  69. Backpack! Backpack!
    I would love to gift these to my nieces. 🙂

  70. Me please! Me please!

  71. Ooooh, me! Me!

  72. PICK ME

  73. Yes, please!

  74. Wahooooooo! Good contest!

  75. Oh, my 2 year old would love these!!!

  76. i can already hear the Backyardigans sing in my head! :0

  77. my kids would go nuts! no cable here either so we pick up the shows at sales. Thanks for the chance

  78. Long drives ahead as we move to our own Athens…in Ohio. This would be perfect.

  79. Would lOVE them right now. I am watching my sister’s kids (ages 3, 6,7) for the weekend, and I’ve forgotten how hard it is. Mine are 15 and 13 now, and it is truly a breeze with them. I simply had no recall of this….

  80. Dear Mr. Random Generator, What do I have to do to get you to pick me? Think about it and get back to me. Because I’m easy. Sincerely, RL

  81. I have two boys who would LOVE those!

  82. Pick me! We had a very Pablo Christmas here and I can sing all the songs from The Backyardigansand I hear the Wonder Pets in my sleep!

  83. I would love to throw my hat in the ring! That for the chance.

  84. We have a Dora lover in the family! Thanks –

  85. Sign me up! Thanks!

  86. I have a trip coming up with my 2-year-old and these would be perfect!

  87. wish me luck!

  88. OOOOHHHHHH Yeah, right up my alley!!!

  89. We love all of those shows! Maybe we watch a little too much T.V.

  90. These would be fabulous! Pick me!! 🙂

  91. Those would be a hit at my house!!

  92. my son would love those!!!

  93. Must.own.more.kid.dvds.

    Thanks, Mir!

  94. I’ve got two kids screaming me me me!!!

  95. oh please!!??

  96. Funny how there are always treasures buried somewhere under the clutter on the desk-especially when someone else is seeing what’s on your desk!

  97. we’re a big backyardigans house
    pick us pleeeeeeease 🙂

  98. My son thinks you are pretty. He also thinks that Dora is pretty.

  99. YOU’RE WONDERFUL….giving away all these goodies!

  100. Please enter us…I know my son would love it!!!

  101. I’m sick of Transformer cartoons.

  102. pick me please!

  103. perfect for the 5yr old who is being left out by the 11yr old….

  104. My 4 and 6 yr olds would think you were the prettiest Mir EVER if we won this prize!!!

  105. Screeners…for calming the SCREAMERS….

  106. It’s my birthday and my son would love those, so that should give me twice as much luck to win these.

  107. Lucky, lucky day!

  108. One of these days . . . the random number generator will pick me.

  109. Oooohhhh…we love all of those!

  110. Fun, Fun, Fun! Although the sun finally came out here in the frozen NW, so I suppose I can hardly justify 5 hours of Pre-school TV. Hmm……winter will be here soon.

  111. my 5 yr old would love it, pretty mir.

  112. Please, pretty please..I will be your best friend! And so will my kids.

  113. would love all of these!!

  114. Oooh oooh pick me pick me Mr Cah-ter!

  115. OOO! OOO! Pick me! Pick me!

  116. Sounds cool!

  117. We just disconnected the cable and my kids are going through withdrawals (ok, I am too, just a little). They would love this!

  118. Oh, I need these for the long drive to florida with three little ones!!! Pick me, Pick me!!

  119. Cool!

  120. Your giveaways are great!

  121. Wonder pets, wonder pets, we’re on our way….

  122. I’d love a break from the new love of Star Wars….

  123. Oh, school’s out on Wednesday for us and this is JUST the sort of thing that might buy me a few minutes of sanity. Thanks Mir. You continue to rock.

  124. We are all over Backyardagains here. It’s a good thing my son tells me “You’re Uniqua” or “Mama Tyrone”… right?

  125. i love contests, and i have 2 preschoolers! might be my lucky dah!

  126. I have a special preschooler who would love the “preschool special”!

  127. My three yo would love this.

  128. woo hooo – In my family loving the Backyardigans is a prerequisite 😉

  129. Baby girl would love those DVDs!

  130. My daughter loves that Backyardigans special that had the dragon, maybe she’ll be a lucky girl!

  131. Oooh! Me, me!!

  132. Pick me! Pick me!

  133. Try, try again…

  134. My kids would love this!

  135. come on Boots, Pick me!

  136. Oh random number generator….you know how I love you….

  137. Backpack—Backpack!

  138. PICK ME! PICK ME!

  139. Throw me in the mix. PLEASE!!!

  140. My turn!

  141. I’m in ,thanks

  142. After a weekend home with the toddler alone, I am so ready for some tv entertainment. !!!!

  143. We could definitely use some new shows!

  144. my two preschoolers would LOVE these screeners!!

  145. All my boys favorites. Maybe I could shower in peace!

  146. sign me up!

  147. Hi Mir,

    They would make the grandkids visits extra special, especially when we need some quiet time!


  148. My toddlers would love these!

  149. come on lucky number 152!!

  150. Choose me!!!!

  151. oooh, I have a preschooler, maybe this time I’ll win!

  152. ooh, yes please

  153. Pick me! Please!!

  154. Thanks for all of your great offers!

  155. My grandkids would LOVE these!!!!!

  156. Sure, count me in. In the slim chance that I end up with them, I’ll pass along the bloggy-giveaway love when my kids are done with them.

  157. My Granddaughter would absolutely LOVE these. Please pick us!

  158. This would be a great addition at my house. Thanks!

  159. omg, to be able to play these ON DEMAND would be AWESOME!!
    yer so pretty =)

  160. great giveaway!!

  161. What fun…thank you!!

  162. Bring it on. I can take that little Latina brat (after a few shots of rum, but still).

  163. Maybe 165 and a weekend contest is what I need to finally win!!! My kid loves all of those shows!!!

  164. TOTALLY!

  165. Pretty Mir,

    What a great contest! I hope the random number generator picks me this time! I will be very popular with my kids if I win.

  166. Thanks for the chance!
    Come on Random Number Generator!

  167. WonderpetS! Wonderpets! We’re on our way! To save a bored kid and save the day.

  168. ooooh, I would love these!!

  169. Sounds neat!

  170. Oh please pick me…I NEED these. OK, maybe not NEED, but still they sound great!

  171. Yes please. I also NEED these as we are getting rid of our cable and our DVR. Oh God, I am going to DIE!

  172. My niece would love these!

  173. Sign me up…we’re always in need of new road trip entertainment:)

  174. Whooo!

  175. Count me in!

  176. F is for fire that burns down the whole town.
    U is for ..Uranium Bomb.
    N is for NO SURVIVORS, down in the deep blue sea.

  177. With pre-school ending, we could use a fun new thing to watch on rainy or too hot days. So count me in!

  178. Go me! *please*

  179. My kids would LOVE some screeners in flimsy, little plastic sleeves! Come home to Momma!

  180. Hit me, I’m in.

  181. Oh, please pick me…the first three shows you named are pretty much my kids top three favorites!

  182. Mir is so pretty and wants to pick me! Hopefully the random number generator does too.

  183. oh please randomly generate me

  184. Must entertain toddler. Please pick me.

  185. I’ll take it.

  186. We haven’t had actual TV since my daughter bent our rabbit ears until they nearly snapped. We’d love to add a few new videos to the rotation….we’re waiting for our $40 digital receiver box coupon. Thanks, oh pretty one!

  187. omg, please! 🙂

  188. We love Dora and WonderPets… I’ve been tiding my daughter over with clips from the website while our DVD player is broken. But, this would be a great excuse to buy a new one!

  189. I have a preschooler and I will be teaching preschool. This would be perfect. Pick me, pick me!!! 🙂


  190. thanks for being so generous to my sweet little granddaughter

  191. Hope I’m lucky!! 🙂

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