Battery back-up, small and cheap

By Mir
May 18, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

How intriguing—Black and Decker makes something called the Pocket Power Battery Backup Pack, and it can be used to run and/or recharge your hand-held electronics when you find yourself in a jam. It’s currently just $10 (down from the list price of $49.99) with free shipping at, which sort of makes it a no-brainer.

Then again, if I had any brains, I wouldn’t forget to charge my phone all the time, right? (Don’t answer that.)


  1. FYI–This was Woot!’s April Fool’s Day product and it was heavily derided. Seems like a good idea to me, but Woot! buyers hated it.

  2. Well, in all fairness to wooters, we hated it because it kept coming up–every time one batch sold out, they put another batch of them up. After a few hours of this, you start to dread seeing it again. In fact, the first 2 items in the woot-off a week or so ago were this thing…again. Yeesh.

    Battery backups are cool, I’m bad about charging everything up, too.

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