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By Mir
May 19, 2008
Category Contests

Oh, hello. Was I supposed to be posting here, or something? Today sort of got away from me. Whoops.

Anyway! Hey, I have another fabulous prize sitting here. No, really. There is no end to the fabulosity of the random things which I decide to give away. Mostly because people send me things and then I give them to you, because of the love in my heart. And the small size of my office.

Today’s offering—think Father’s Day!—is Hiya, Kids! A 50s Saturday Morning Boxed DVD Set. That’s right, four entire DVDs filled with the ubiquitous shows of the era, including a whole bunch I never heard of. There’s Lassie and Roy Rogers and Howdy Doody and Flash Gordon and, hey, just a whole buncha stuff, okay?

And it can all be yours, Pretty. For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21st, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address, and all that jazz. Winner to be determined by random drawing and who fell down the well.

Don’t delay, order today!


  1. I think I made the top five!!!

  2. I’d love this…I mean, my dad would…

  3. That just sounds like a lot of fun. =)

  4. Lucky number…4?

  5. This would be fun to introduce the kids to all the hokey old shows from way back when. 🙂

  6. Wholesome… that’s always a plus!

  7. Count me in….my Dad’s all about nostalgia:)

  8. Great! I need some fashion tips…

  9. Sounds cool!

  10. Very cool.

  11. ahhh, this would be so perfect for my dad! I would love love love to win!!!

  12. I’m in.

  13. Awesome. Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  14. Oh my god, my husband would DIE if I won this.

  15. ooh, fun.

  16. Looks interesting. Wonder if my kids or parents would enjoy it more.

  17. no sponges in squarepants? cool!

  18. my husband would be in heaven. Thanks, oh pretty Mir.

  19. Perfect for my Father in Law. Many many thanks

  20. Ooh, fun stuff 🙂

  21. Methinks twould be an excellent father’s day gift!

  22. Bring it on.

  23. Of all your giveaways, I’d like to win this one the most! I hope you pick me! But I’ll keep coming back even if you don’t……

  24. Random Number Generator Gods … Chose 24!

  25. I will try yet again! 🙂


  26. Here I Am!!! Sounds like FUN!

    Be well…

  27. Neat!! Count me in!

  28. I’m in!

  29. Oh, make me a winner! I’d love to get this for my Dad!

  30. My dad would love this.
    Thanks for running another great contest, Mir!

  31. Ooh! My FIL would totally get into this. And you’re looking very pretty today, Mir.

  32. What a cool prize!

  33. I feel pretty, oh so pretty….

  34. Oh this is perfect for my husband, who denies all things twenty-first century.

  35. okay! my Dad would love this!

  36. Me, me, me, oh please pick me!!!!

  37. Yeah! My old shows to watch with my little one!

  38. Pick me, Mir! I have a cool Dad!

  39. perfect for my pa, please pick this person, pretty please oh pretty pretty Mir?

  40. I would definitely give this to my dad.

  41. My Daddy would love this. 🙂

  42. Ooh, definitely a good Father’s Day gift!

  43. Lassie is telling me something… I can’t quite figure it out… I need this box set to brush up on my dog warnings… Then i should maybe get a dog…

  44. ooooo…. my father-in-law would probably LOVE it!!

  45. My hubby LOVES to introduce these to our little one. Please count me in!

  46. This sounds like a great gift for grandpa. He would love it.

  47. I remember those shows! Pick me!

  48. But I think I might keep it for me…

  49. Yay! My Dad would love this AND I’m magic number 50!


  50. Ooh! Retro!

  51. My dad would totally love this!

  52. These would be great!! Pick Me!

  53. Ditto!

  54. My Dad would love this…

  55. My dad would be all about this DVD set. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. If I win, do I really hafta give it to a stinky boy?

  57. My husband would love this and I know my kids will have a big laugh when they get old enough to understand that we actually used to watch shows like this! No swearing, no violence, no color….

  58. You so pretty….

  59. My dad would totally love this little gem!!

  60. I’m a mom to youngin’s and I am old… I remember all of the shows mentioned. Oh and wasn’t it Timmy in the well? That crazy Timmy, he was always into something.

  61. Thanks for all of your great contests!

  62. This would be the perfect gift for my uncle!

  63. I would love to be able to give this to my dad for Father’s Day. I hope I have the lucky #!!!!

  64. Pick me!

  65. Oh please, please, please! My parents would give me the daughter of the year award. (which I should get by default, being an only child. But they’re a tough crowd.)

  66. This would be up my dad’s alley! 🙂

  67. im gonna win one of these days! lucky 68!!! 🙂

  68. sounds like fun!

  69. No, YOU’RE Pretty!

  70. Hey, I grew up without a TV until I was in my 20s, so I really think I deserve a chance to catch up on all that retro TV!

  71. My dad would love this 🙂

  72. Hope I win!

  73. okay okay I’ll keep entering your awesome contests!
    sounds so fun!

  74. My dad would love this!

  75. My dad would get a kick out of this!

  76. OMG! My dad would love this and Father’s Day is coming right up!

  77. My FIL would love, love, love this!! Statistically, someday my random number will come up and I shall win a WantNot contest!

  78. pickmepickmepickme.

  79. sounds great…

  80. Entering, pick me, even though I won’t win. Love, Eyore.

  81. Please pretty random number generator…please

  82. that prize screams, “Dad!”

  83. Given how my kids love Loony Tunes and Schoolhouse Rock I’m curious to see how far back they’ll go in their love of old TV.

  84. Me! Me!

  85. Sounds exciting.

  86. Wow- count me in PLEASE!! 🙂

  87. Wow! Cool!

  88. My dad would FLIP for this! Yay!

  89. This sounds so fun!

  90. My Mom would *love* this! And who am I kidding, I think it’s pretty darn nifty too 😀

  91. My dad, who is 78, would LOVE this! He is a vintage cartoon fanatic!

  92. One of the rare things I would actually watch on TV.
    Plus I have NOTHING to get my husband for fathers day.
    Thanks Mir!

  93. So need this for daddio for father’s day! Hurray for Mir!

  94. My son could give this to his Pop-Pop. Nice gifting pretty Mir.

  95. Pick me! I wanna be my Dad’s favorite this year!
    Hooray for your small office space!

  96. This would be so fun to share with my kids!
    Thanks, pretty Mir!

  97. I do love me a good Lassie show…was that the 50s??

  98. Count me in, daddy-o!

  99. Oh, my son is so into Flash Gordon these days. Perhaps this would be a version appropriate for a three and a half year old. Count me in!

  100. Ooh… coment #101 MUST be lucky!

  101. thanks! so cool!

  102. Wow, my family would love this. We love black and white tv shows, especially the ones geared towards children.

  103. My dad would love this! Or I would…hmmmm 😉

  104. My dad would totally drool over that.

  105. My dad would love that! Very cool 🙂

  106. my father-in-law would LOVE that… or my little brother. he’s a bit odd.

  107. Oh man, my dad would be all over this!! And my FIL, too… if I win, I’ll insist that they share, just like they do with the grandkids.

  108. My dad would totally love this.

  109. OOOH, fun prize!! My father would love this!

  110. would love it.

  111. Ooh, that would make a great Dad’s Day gift — count me in please!

  112. Oh, fun!

  113. Just for leaving a comment, huh? 😉

  114. Pick me this time, pretty please?

  115. Hi, Mir! 🙂

  116. what a fun gift….just in my era!

  117. That’s so cool! Perfect for my father-in-law, he counts as a father for father’s day right?

  118. Sounds great, thanks!

  119. Ooooh, pick me! My dad would just plotz if he got this for Fathers’ Day.

  120. Thanks for the chance to enter! My dad would LOVE this!

  121. so awesome! man, i hope i win!!!!

  122. I wonder what the kids would think of this…

  123. I’m in on this one.

  124. Howdy! Looks like one that would be a lot of fun…count me among those looking to be the lucky one. Thanks for the awesome website (I just recetnly found it and have recommended it already–not to mention used it!!!) Thanks.

  125. Blast from the past. 🙂

  126. Please pick me, pretty Mir.

  127. Fifties is right up my alley! Hope I win, for my husband.

  128. cool prize!

  129. Sweet!

  130. my boy’s love this old stuff…thanks

  131. Very cool!

  132. Awesome prize!!

  133. My Dad would enjoy this!

  134. My Dad would love this too!!

  135. Please pick me for once!!!

  136. My dad would love this!!!

  137. There was one time at a company picnic where I won everything. Never again since. Perhaps this will be my day?

  138. My hubby would LOVE these.

  139. I would love to win this 🙂

  140. Thanks Mir!

  141. Okay, this sounds awesome. My horde loves the oldskool TV.

  142. My dad wouldn’t like this but my boyfriend and I would LOVE it!!!

  143. Awwww, Lassie! My favorite!

  144. Totally awesome prize. Keeping fingers crossed.

  145. Cool. My husband’s dad would like this. Thanks pretty Mir for the chance to win!

  146. This prize would be a big tickle for big daddy! Thanks!

  147. Pick me lol

  148. How fun!

  149. go #147!

  150. This is definitely something for my dad… very cool.

  151. Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!! (Maybe)

  152. Lassie, go save Timmy and then tell the number generator to choose me!

  153. I hope I win this time!

  154. My dad would LOVE this!

  155. LOve it. i mean my Dad would. lol

  156. pick me!

  157. Awesome. My dad would love that.

  158. this would be pretty awesome for my daddy.

  159. Duuuuude. Forget Father’s Day—I want to win this for me.

  160. I think my son & my HUSBAND would love these!

  161. How exciting for the whole family! Something new for the kids and not so new for the grandparents and somewhere in-between for the parents!

  162. This makes me nostalgic for black & white TV. On a metal TV stand. Wow, I’m old. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  163. Whoopee! Pick me!

  164. please and thank you!

  165. Sounds great to me!

  166. My dad would be delirious!

  167. My dad would love this. Thanks again for the chance to win something, maybe one of these times I will!

  168. I hate when that pesky Timmie falls in the well… it’s a good thing Lassie always knows what to do.

  169. pick me! Very cool prize. Thanks for the chance.

  170. Pick me!

  171. OOOOOOOOOOOO..my husband would love this for Father’s day. He is always quoting cartoons that he grew up with, or singing some commercial that played in the 60’s. We laugh and humor him.

  172. Cool! Count me in!

  173. Love your site. Love the contests too! Thanks!

  174. My niece and nephew would LOVE this!

  175. Count me in! Thanks!

  176. Brings back memories that I would love to share with my grandchildren, ages 4 and 6. Thanks for the great info on your site!

  177. This would be fun!

  178. Sounds good to me! 178 is a great number! Thanks Mir!

  179. You are the Best Oh, Beautiful MIR!

  180. Golly gee, pretty Mir, I’d love to win this for my Pop.

  181. Yes, please!

  182. That’s cool. 😀

  183. Fun! Those would be a great gift for my father in law.

  184. ahhh…..such memories. For Dad of course! I hope my stars are in the right relationship. Would love this.

  185. Great gift for dad!

  186. Golly Gee! I’m ready for some old-time goodness!

  187. It is absolutely impossible to ask my mom what time it is. She always responds with a (too) gleeful rendition of “It’sssss Howdy Doody time! It’s Howdy Doody time…” I have to resist the urge to pull the same stunt on my kids – mostly because they’re 4 and 2 and would have no idea what I was doing, even if I tried to explain.

  188. Nothing like the ‘oldies.’ Enter me, please!! :o)

  189. How fun! Hard to pick if my dad or my husband would like this more. 🙂

  190. Hubby. For sure. Count me in.

  191. I always say what happened to those classics. Enter me, enter me. 🙂

  192. Me please. BTW have I told you lately that you are pretty?

  193. what memories ….

  194. Pretty Mir with a pretty contest.

  195. pick me! Pick me!

  196. Me, please! 😀
    198 FTW!

  197. I can honestly say that I will NOT keep this prize and instead pass it along to my kickass dad!

  198. Holy cow are you kidding me?!?

    I’d fall in a well for this one. As long as I knew I could get out. And wouldn’t be stuck long. Or break any bones. You know.

  199. Gotta love great father’s day presents.

  200. Oh, looking for a great Father’s Day present.

  201. This would be swell to have!

  202. pick me!

  203. commen`t

  204. me!

  205. FAbulous!! I may have to order these…for my “boys”, both the Father-type one and the teenager.

  206. Very cool!

  207. I remember these shows, my Grandma used to show them to us youngins on a movie reel, anyone remember those? Gosh I’m getting old

  208. this is totally me.

  209. sounds great!

  210. My dad would totally love this – maybe I can also give him a little cowboy hat and vest like he used to wear when he watched these shows back in the day…

  211. My father-in-law is the perfect age to enjoy this. What a great Father’s Day idea!

  212. My Dear Husband would love this. He grew up with these shows.
    (Of course he’s MUCH older than I…)

  213. Phenomenal.Phenomenal.Phenomenal. Did I tell you this is a Phenomenal giveaway? Well it is. Thank You.

  214. I grew up these cartoons. Great contest! Thanks!

  215. I’m pretty sure that 217 is my lucky number…… unless of course someone else sneaks in right before me. Thanks!

  216. My husband and I would really love this.

  217. What a fantastic DVD set!

  218. I grew up watching these shows, best time ever to be a kid!!

  219. i would absolutely love to own this dvd set. it would bring back a lot of fun memories from my childhood.

  220. We watch old cartoons and movies every Wednesday night with our boys. This would be a very welcome addition to our movie night!

  221. Oh, here’s my comment, oh pretty one!

  222. It is great to bring these back. Hope I win.

  223. I still remember some of the old Flash Gordon episodes…those were hilarious.

  224. yee haw! Woudl love the set adn thanks for offering great advice! KD

  225. What an awesome boxed set–oh, the memories! I would love to give it to my husband for Father’s Day, that would make his day!

  226. Awesome! Pick me, please!!!!

  227. I was born in 1957.

  228. thanks for the contest!

  229. Please enter me Mir! Thanks!

  230. please enter me 🙂

  231. Pick me! We are just about to move, and this would be a great “new” DVD for the drive. Thanks!

  232. This would be so great to own. I hope I win. Thanks for such great contests!

  233. I want in too!

  234. Sweet

  235. Even the ones I haven’t heard of have got to be better than what’s being broadcast today. Whatever happened to good ol’ slapstick cartoons anyway?

  236. Count me in!!!

  237. Would love to win this! Thank you!

  238. I want to win. Lassis was great on Saturday.

  239. walkin’ down memory lane! YEAH!

  240. interesting!

  241. Awesome! Please include me! My family would love this.

  242. Pick me!!!!!

  243. This would be very interesting to watch.

  244. Maybe me this time?

  245. OMG!!! My husbaand would love this and even make the grandkids watch!!

    I have the giggles!

  246. Ooh! I teach television studies, and this would come in *very* useful, Mr. Random Number Generator! Pick 248!!! 😀

  247. Hey, this takes me right back…… Please enter us!

  248. I have some friends who would enjoy this, as I could not possibly be old enough to have any idea what you’re talking about!

  249. This would really bring back some memories for me- I would love to win!

  250. It would be great to see all these old cartoons

  251. how fun, count me in!!

  252. I’d love to win this movie. I could pop it in the DVD player on Saturday morning’s and entertain my husband…:) Just kinding folks..not really.

  253. I think my kids would get a kick out of these shows!!

  254. Love it! Count me in.

  255. Classic tv never dies.

  256. I’ve spent mornings enjoying these and would like to with my daughters.

  257. Heh, why not?

  258. Pick me!

  259. Would be fun to see these shows again.

  260. This sure would bring back some memories!

  261. Would love to have these.

  262. Oh, I hope I’m not too late. It’s just 11:39 here.

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