Grab your patience and get some savings

By Mir
May 20, 2008

Fortunately, right now there are some really awesome markdowns to be had at!

Unfortunately, the site is running a little bit slow.

Fortunately, I also have this handy-dandy coupon which will give you free shipping on any size order; use coupon code 42637.

Unfortunately, the site will allow you to add anything to your shopping bag—even stuff that’s out of stock. (You’ll be able to see it’s out of stock at checkout.)

Fortunately, you’re all such frugal shoppers, you’re probably willing to endure a bit of annoyance to get the best bargains.

Unfortunately, I hate to share a deal that’s such a pain in the you-know-where, but the deals are so good that I felt like I had to.

Fortunately, you’re soooooo pretty, I’m sure you’ll manage.


  1. Thanks Mir! It took two cups of coffee to get through the site, but I got two shirts and a new pair of pj’s for $25!

  2. ACK!
    Nothing is in stock that is worth while.
    I’ll keep trying though…

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