Winner of the Hiya Kids DVDs contest

By Mir
May 22, 2008
Category Contests

The time has come, and the random number generator has spoken. With 264 valid entries into the contest to win the Hiya Kids DVD set (do not enter the contest after the deadline, people—I delete your entries), it seems that many have a soft spot for the Saturday morning shows of yore. I’m not sure when yore was, exactly, but I’m certain I didn’t have all this gray hair, back then.

Anyway! Our winner is—drumroll, please!—commenter 195, Maura! Congratulations, Maura! Please check your email and get me your mailing address so that I can send you this fabulous set.

Many thanks to Special Ops media for donating the prize, and to everyone who played. More contests are coming up, I promise, so don’t fret if your number hasn’t come up so far. I’m just like the Publisher’s Clearing House, only without the giant checks and balloons. And, um, with more winners.


  1. Congrats, Maura!

    Though I haven’t won anything yet, I’m starting to feel twinges of guilt . . do you pay the shipping for all these things out of your own pocket, Mir?

  2. Yes, when I ship the products (occasionally they will come directly from the company), I pay for the shipping.

    Don’t fret—it’s a deductible business expense for me, and you can’t put a price on making pretty people happy, anyway. 😉

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