And on Friday, they were naked

By Mir
May 23, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well, I guess just that one guy at the entrance to the Amazon Friday Sale is mostly naked, but don’t let the fact that “men’s body thong” are three words that should never go together distract you from the rest of the sale.

Wasn’t I just saying the other day that Weber grills never go on sale? I stand corrected.

How much do you love your pets? Enough to buy them their own seatbelts?

I’ve started container gardening on my deck, this year, so of course now they decide to put the Earthbox on sale. (If you are considering container gardening, this is supposedly the gold standard—great reviews.)

The refurbished Cuisinart Duet (blender and food chopper in one) is back, and this week it’s $5 cheaper—just $44.99. If you bought it last week, be sure to request a price adjustment. If you were on the fence before, now’s the time.

Father’s Day gift alert: How about a charging station valet?

You know me—the only thing I like better than a deal on a KitchenAid mixer is a deal on a really shiny KitchenAid mixer.

Yowza, they’ve marked down the Breadman TR875 2-pound breadmaker to just $59.99, again. Go, go, go! Get ’em before they’re gone! (Great gift, by the way. Say, for your favorite bargain blogger? Heh.)

Organic sunblock!

Mr. Eraser, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways while I just get this little bit of magic marker off the wall….

Have a great Friday, folks!


  1. The magic erasers are a decent deal, $.70 each is best but a dollar ish each and free shipping is a nice alternative.

  2. Seatbelts for pets are a great invention. I was in a rollover car accident and my dog was ejected from the vehicle. She lived, but a lot of vet bills would have been avoided if she had been in a harness. Also keeps your pet from climbing in your lap while you are driving.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the breadmaker! I’ve wanted one for a while and was waiting for the right deal to come along when I had the extra cash. It’s a good day!

  4. Awesome! I had been looking at charger valets for my hubby since he clutters up the counter every night with his ipod and cell and crackberry. Thank you!!!

    I second Erin’s comment about the pet harnesses. They sound ridiculous, but you really don’t want a 75-pound unrestrained animal flying forward in your car when you suddenly slam on your brakes.

  5. Thanks for the hot tips! I’ve got my eye on the breadmaker…I love making my own fresh loafs. So delish!! 🙂

    I have a fun product review opportunity that you may be interested in. I know you don’t usually do beauty product reviews- but you might like to give this a test drive anyway. I can’t find your contact info so shoot me an e-mail if you are!!!

  6. My husband just bought me the breadmaker for my birthday! Well, actually… I ordered it on his card and then emailed him to let him know it was my present. But same thing, right?

  7. Mr. Eraser has been known to burn skin and is best used with rubber gloves. More importantly, they should not be accessible by small children.

  8. Okay, I went for the breadmaker… it’ll be a Father’s Day present for my husband. The reviews were very positive, except for some people complaining that they’d received refurbished models, so I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I bought The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook to go with it, also based on the reviews.

  9. OK, based on your description of the “Men’s Body Thong”, I was thinking Borat. However, I have two words for you: Matt Damon.

  10. Sherri, the magic erasers only burn skin if you RUB them on skin. The product is basically melamine (same as a whiteboard surface, or many shower liners). It’s a frangible material (breaking down into smaller and smaller fragments, like crushing a sugar cube) that acts as an abrasive. The fact that it can form very small particles is why it works so well to remove, say, crayon from plastic tabletops. (My personal favorite use.)

    The fear of Magic Eraser is way overblown. I wouldn’t use an SOS pad on my skin, either, and no one gets worked up about that. Of course, I don’t think MOST cleaning products should be accessible by children. (Spoken by the guy who drank the Lysol cleaner under the sink at age 2 or 3 and drank a sip of chlorine bleach from a glass, thinking it was water, when he was 4.)

  11. Yay for the lower priced Earth boxes…I debated on them last year, finally got my husband to build some raised beds this year, and I’m still going to order a couple.

  12. I usually grow my herbs in old cappuccino mugs — maybe it’s time to get serious and buy an Earth box.

  13. You know, I’ve been wanting one of those charger valets for myself, but I’ve seen them advertised at either Bed, Bath & Beyond or Linens n’ Things for $19.99 (plus they have those nifty 20% off coupons), so I think I’ll hold off for now. But that is the perfect idea for father’s day, too, so thanks for bringing that up!

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