Tea party time for your little girly-girl

By Mir
May 29, 2008

I’m the mom who refused to buy my baby girl anything pink. I’m the mom who said “No Barbies!” and insisted that I wasn’t going to saddle my daughter with gender expectations. I’m the mom who bought my daughter Legos and trucks.

And—you guessed it—I’m the mom who ended up with a prissy princess of a fashionista, whose favorite color is pink. I’m here to tell you that God has a sense of humor, and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

Needless to say, my attitude towards the “girly” things in life has softened a bit, over the years. And so you’ll pardon me if I did a bit of squeeing over the following (both the price and the cuteness): Check out the Tea party table and stools for $47.83 shipped, the tea party bookcase for $37.50 shipped, and the tea party peg shelf for just $9.56 shipped.

You could do her entire room for under a hundred bucks. And then she’ll have a place to play with and store her Barbies! Or her Legos. Either way.


  1. tee hee . . . we bought my first Daughter trucks, and garages and cars, not dolls and doll houses and princesses . . . she seemed happy. Wouldn’t you know it, the first doll she got as a gift she immediately went and changed it’s diaper on top of the garage. and thus the garage became the diaper changing table. ah well . . .

  2. I was an ardent tomboy, but I got a Holly Hobby tea seat for my ninth Christmas and insisted on sleeping with it for the next year at least. I want the table & stools now 🙁 Am too big to fit.

  3. So cute I want to barf.

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