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By Mir
May 29, 2008
Category Contests

The competition was fast and furious; we had 387 valid entries into the most recent contest, and I wish I had more than three prizes to give out.

Alas, I only have the three. Actually, I don’t even have them— has them, but they’re going to send them out to our winners, because they’re pretty, and we like them very much.

Without further ado, I give you our winners:

  • The first winner is number 150, LisaBug! LisaBug will be receiving the Happily Ever Crafter kit for her daughter.
  • The second number Ye Olde Random Number Generator gave me was 44, PsychMamma. She’ll be receiving the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I had to draw several numbers before reaching someone who’d asked for the Magnetic Poetry Kit, but the third time was the charm—lucky number three was number 203, Sharlene. Congratulations, Sharlene! You were officially in the right place at the right time!

Winners, please check your email and get back to me with your mailing addresses.

Everyone else, you’re still looking very pretty today, and I thank you for playing. More contests are (always) coming up, so don’t lose hope.


  1. Congrats, ladies!

    Thanks for another exciting contest, Mir!

  2. Thank you pretty Mir, this is the first time I’ve won a contest!!! (Lucky that nobody else wanted the poetry ;-))

  3. Thanks for helping us with the contest Mir- I’ve seen all the prizes in our office (I work for and they’re all really great! As a mom I love that really great toys are getting easier and easier to find. Who needs lots of cheap, flimsy, ugly plastic around the house? I’d rather give my kids half as many toys but know that they’ll get twice as much enjoyment and enrichment from them. Glad to see so many of your readers feel the same way and were excited about these lovely and educational toys.

    I’m so happy to have found your site…phenomenal ideas you’ve got here! I wasn’t allowed to participate in the contest but I’ll be back for others! Thanks,


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