You know I like shiny things. . . like hair

By Mir
May 29, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Okay, that one was a stretch, I know….)

Dove’s got some new shampoos out! They make your hair shiny! (Also, I just had a really big cup of coffee; can you tell?) If you go here and click on “Get a Free Sample,” you can choose between Shine Therapy or Go Fresh Energy Therapize (which sounds a lot like something from a “Mom, do you ever have that not-so-fresh feeling?” commercial, to me).

Hey, it’s free shampoo. Free shiny shampoo. I’m in!


  1. Mir, I am loving all of the free samples you’ve posted lately! Those shiny little samples in the mail give me a reason to check the mailbox every day.

  2. I couldn’t make it work. Maybe they’re out already. Or maybe it’s because I turned off the sound so I wouldn’t have to listen to the cheesy music on the site.

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