This week’s Friday Sale sponsored by overpriced caffeine

By Mir
May 30, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sorry for the delay, folks—my internet at home just went kablooey, and before I can go through this week’s Amazon Friday Sale I have to go stand in a really long line and buy myself some overpriced coffee (in exchange for the privilege of wireless usage). Be right back!

Okay! Through the magic of reading me online, I have instantly reappeared, latte in hand. Let’s see what we have this week….

The thought of spending $190 on an electric razor causes me to break out into hives, but if you’re in the market for the Braun Pulsonic 9585, $190 is the lowest price I’ve seen (and it has great reviews). If you want something more reasonable, check out this Sanyo wet/dry model for $55.

Maybe it’s the caffeine, but this hidden litter box makes me giggle uncontrollably. “Hey, your plant smells a little funny….” (It’s half-price, though, so if you really needed a stealth litterbox planter, today’s your lucky day!)

Finally! I’ve been needing new bath towels and have been waiting for a deal forever. These are marked down to $8.99 apiece, plus they’re eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion and free Super Saver Shipping. Plenty of colors, too. Now, which ones should I get…?

And speaking of towels, these adorable hooded ones are down to just $9.99 apiece. That makes an awesome birthday party gift, by the way, for spring/summer parties. Not to mention that it tends to be appreciated by parents drowning in dolly gear and/or Pokemon.

Someone please apologize to my husband, but I think I’ve found another. I’m so sorry, darling, but I’ve fallen deeply in love with this chair. (Really, can you blame me?)

The Friday Sale pickings were a bit light today, but that should keep you busy for a little while. Me, I’m off to decide what color towels I want….


  1. Awesome deal on the towels, I’ve been searching Marshall’s and TJ Maxx for a deal, but this is so much easier, and they actually had colors that matched our bathrooms! Thanks!

  2. I love that the hooded towels are labeled as kitchen gear. And paired with a couple of stovetop gridles for their buy more for less deal.

  3. That balance ball is a great deal! I use one as a desk chair, and it’s been great for my crummy back and my posture.

  4. That litter box is so ugly. Love the kid towels. Thanks Mir!

  5. I just thought yesterday that we needed more towels. Thanks a bunch!

  6. That chair is just too awesome for words. How come there aren’t ever any reviews for furniture on Amazon? It makes me wonder if anyone actually buys any of the “big” stuff.

  7. A couple of weeks ago, my son got invited to a birthday party and you posted the perfect toy as a birthday gift. Yesterday, my daughter was invited to a pool party/birthday and now boom! Perfect themey birthday present for cheaps! I love this site!

  8. Thanks so much I just bought the Braun Shaver for the Hubster for his birthday/fathers day.

  9. ha! maybe everyone knows this, but…i got my order for towels down from $135 to $109 by ordering things in groups separately, because it takes the lowest off…

  10. That litter box is too funny for words. I wonder if my rabbits would use it? Doubt it.

  11. Great. Now I have to get a cat just so I can have the litter box. Did you see the one that’s a NIGHTSTAND? How….soothing to hear SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH in the middle of the night. Next to your head. eep.

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