After a bit of technical difficulty. . .

By Mir
June 3, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… it would seem that the deal I posted the other day is working again.

(Here’s what I think happened: They released the code sooner than they meant to, and when the orders started rolling in, they pulled it. Then they put the code back in. Then they shook it all about.) (Oh, wait—that last part is the hokey pokey. Nevermind.)

Anyway, you can now place your order at using coupon code DAD to receive 50% off. That’ll give you $25 worth of dining for just $5, as well as an added bonus—every order placed with the DAD discount code will receive a special code good for free shipping at Just in case Dad is lucky enough to be receiving some fancy new grill accessories or somethin’.

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  1. I have to giggle at the Hokey Pokey joke. My son’s new day care does the Hokey Pokey, and we were BAFFLED the other night when he told us to “Sing punky song, Mommy!”

    Punky song. Punky song. WTF?

    Fortunately, he has a good sense of rhythm, so when he added, “your hand in!” we were able to connect the dots.

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