Gotta love those beach books

By Mir
June 4, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Are you going on vacation this summer? I’m not, but sometimes I like to pretend I’m on vacation—by laying out on the deck with a paperback book I might be a little embarrassed to be reading.

Yes. I said it.

Whether you’re headed out on a trip or just trying to make the most of a bit of relaxation at home, nothing beats a good book. So you might want to check out the Summer Getaway Collection at Barnes & Noble, where there’s a ton of paperbacks available for 40% off. (Psssst! Still need a Father’s Day gift? They’ve got you covered there, as well.)

Remember that they offer free delivery on qualifying orders of $25+, too. Escapism has never been so affordable!


  1. I’m already stocking up on summer reading. I’ll have to balance this with the graduate class I’m taking by correspondence…lots of professional reading, too. But pleasure reading? Who needs a beach?

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the fact that someone is reading far outweighs ANY judgment on what they’re reading. It’s summer — it’s time for the huge books with crashing planes and stilettos (either the shoe or the knife, take your pick!) on the cover!

    If you want to read Moby Dick, go for it!

    Just READ!!!

    Brought to you by the Committee of Responsible Reading 🙂

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