Decorate like you’re rich, pay like you’re not

By Mir
June 5, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

There’s a great promotion going on right now at Home Decorator’s Outlet—through June 15th, 2008, clicking through that link will automatically take $20 off your $125+ order.

My love for Home Decorator’s Outlet just keep growing. Catch the right items during a sale (right now the lighting and rugs, in particular, are marked impossibly low) and you can make out like a bandit. I have a little cabinet from there that people often comment on, and I always smile knowingly and tell them that it was terribly expensive but I had to have it.

Hahaha! Just kidding! I usually cackle and tell them exactly how cheap it was, and then they start backing away from me very slowly.

I have no idea why that keeps happening.


  1. I bought two rugs from HDOutlet and I use them in my classroom. They stand up to the wear and tear of 20-some fourth graders; they can stand up to anything!

  2. THANK YOU! I ordered one of the computer chairs–came in 3 days!!!!!!!! Beautiful, outstanding quality–I love you MIR!

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