By Mir
June 9, 2008

Twice a year, Hanna Andersson has a giant sale, the likes of which brings their overpriced cotton clothing down to normal prices for peons like us. Still, they’re generally only bargains in comparison to the regular prices; you’re not going to be finding anything super-cheap.

If you want me to talk to you out of it, well, let me tell you that you’ll definitely find cheaper stuff elsewhere.

If you want me to talk you into it, well, this is as cheap as Hanna gets, and their clothing is imbued with a magical Swedish fairy dust which enables it to wear like iron, last through several children, and generally fetch nearly as much as you paid in the first place if you later decide to sell it on eBay.

And that and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.


  1. I discovered Hannas when I had two tiny, slow-growing daughters. The oldest would wear clothing for two years, then pass it on to her sister for another two years. I passed them on to another mother, and recently saw her second daughter in one of my older (now 21) daughter’s Hannas. It still looked good. For me it paid to get clothing that would make it through 4 years of heavy use. Clothing that was less expensive but didn’t last ended up costing more in the long run.

    Last fall (winter?) , when you posted about their sale, I checked the link out of curiosity and was thrilled to find they have lots of adult clothing now. My 21 YO is autistic and very sensitive to fabric textures. The Hanna tees I found for her at the sale are now her favorites. I just found two more for her in the sale. A Hanna store recently opened in our area, but they don’t carry the adult sizes.

  2. I coveted Hannas when my daughter was young, but we were too poor to buy them, and no one ever seems to put them into the second hand stores. If I had granddaughters now (no thanks, not for a long time, please!) I would jump on this sale!

  3. Oh, thanks! Our youngest is super lean and long, and Hannas are one of the few things that fit him in the winter. Much better buying them half-price than full price!

  4. Where in heaven’s name are you still getting a cup of coffee for only a buck?!

  5. Oh dear, I shouldn’t look. I shouldn’t look. But seriously, HA makes such adorable things! My 1 month old daughter is wearing an adorable HA outfit. I am so impressed by their quality and resale value.

  6. i looked. i bought. but at least i got two dresses for less than what i paid for one of the girls hanna easter dresses. so i feel good about of that.

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