$7.99 or less, I’m there

By Mir
June 10, 2008

Did you blink and your children shot up a size or two? I don’t know how that happens, I just know that it does. And often right in the middle of summer, when I’ve just bought them all new clothes! The nerve!

Well, right now there’s a huge selection of items $7.99 or less at Children’s Place, just in case you’re facing the Growth Spurt Blues at your house. Don’t forget that coupon code MSA68 is good through June 14th, 2008, for $10 off $75+, too!

I’m either going to shop this sale or just stock up on burlap sacks and tell the kids to deal. It could go either way.


  1. Just an FYI–
    There’s a recall on Children’s Place Camo pajamas– due to excessive lead! There is lead in pajamas? What’s next? Scary stuff!

  2. I just ordered a bunch of stuff this morning (I knew their Monster Sale started today), and my heart stopped when I saw your post because I’d looked through my purse for a percent-off coupon and had nothing current—so for the first time ever, I was hoping you DIDN’T have one, because then I would have felt sad to have missed it! Whew! (I remembered to use the $10-off-$75 coupon from an earlier post. Again: whew.)

    Did you see the baby girl (up to 5T) jeans are $4.99? FOUR NINETY-NINE! I may or may not have spent the whole $75 on those in the current and next-up sizes. Okay, fine, I also bought a lace-trimmed skirt in pink and in green.

  3. thanks, pretty Mir! I scored some uber-cute things for next summer.

  4. From Hannah yesterday and Children’s Place today, my kids better not need any more clothing this summer.

  5. 2 pairs of jeans ($4.99 each), 2 pairs of athletic shoes ($4.99 and $7.99), sunglasses, capris and a pretty, pretty dress shipped for under $50. Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. Thanks Mir! We just found out over the weekend that my son had only high water pants LOL…so this sale and coupon came at a great time! Now hopefully he won’t have another growth spurt for awhile 🙂

  7. Aloha!Thanks for the coupon!My son is growing really fast suddenly!

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