Great deals, plus some crack for the kiddies

By Mir
June 10, 2008

My name is Mir, and I do hereby solemnly swear that I have never purchased a Webkinz or Lilkins for my children. Yet—somehow—both of my children are “supercollectors” on the game. This means they each have in excess of ten of these things. Do you need ten of them to play? No, you do not. But the children’s father someone apparently did not receive that memo.

Ahem. What was I talking about? Oh! Right!

Right now you can choose a free Lilkinsâ„¢ with $25 purchase at CompanyKids®, which—if your kids are anything like mine—they totally do not need, but maybe you can tuck it away in the gift closet. And it’s a nice little bonus while you’re picking up some of the amazing deals in the clearance section. Trust me, there’s bargains galore in the clearance, especially if you’re in the market for outwear. (Bonus tip: They have adult sizes in the jackets! For cheap!)

But if you bring that Lilkins anywhere near my house I will cut you.

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  1. lalalalala I don’t hear you lalalalalala

    But seriously, though, I feel you, Mir. My kids are both really into Webkinz, too. My daughter is having a Webkinz themed birthday party/sleepover Friday night and 5 of her friends are bringing THEIR critters over to our house. She has 35 of those furry little things and probably 8 of them as gifts and rewards for straight A report cards and the other 27 (yes, I said 27) my husband got as a tagless lot on ebay for $5 plus shipping. I feel compelled to tell people that when we discuss how many Webkinz my daughter has lest they think I am foolish enough to actually BUY 35 of them at full price.

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