Make a Gold Medal Impression on Dad

By Mir
June 12, 2008
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It’s Thursday. Father’s Day is this Sunday. You’re still without a gift. You are completely hosed.

Maybe not! Is Dad a sports fanatic? Read on!

Check out Gold Medal Impressions, limited edition sports photos by photographer Dick Druckman. (To learn more about him and his impressive portfolio, click here.) Bottom line: Gold Medal Impressions offers breathtaking photos of moments in sports history… say, suitable as a special gift for a sports fanatic?

Through their incredible generosity, I’m pleased to be able to offer one lucky Want Not reader the 8″ x 10″ matted photo of your choice from Druckman’s extensive collection. What Dad wouldn’t love that?

To enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, June 14th, 2008. One entry per person, valid email address, be kind to animals and small children, etc. Winner to be determined by random drawing and best curve ball.

I will announce the winner on Father’s Day, and then you and Dad can pick out which photo to get. (Good luck choosing, because I’ve already marked about ten I simply must have.)

Ready? Go!


  1. This sounds awesome! Thanks so much!

  2. It may look like I’m doing nothing, but I’m actively waiting for my problems to go away.

    Thanks again pretty pretty Mir and random number generator!

  3. I’d bet his choice will be John Elway.

  4. Woohoo…another cool contest! Count me in. 🙂

  5. Count me in for a sports fan hubby.

  6. Count me in, my hubby is a super sports nut! Seriously, I am a football widow!! Funny story, when we were newly married I woke in the middle of the night in bed and sat straight up. I woke myself up because I was shouting, “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!” at the top of my lungs. I have been brain washed by Monday night football.


  7. Thanks!

  8. My husband would love this!!!

  9. How exciting, my husband would love to add this to his collection!

  10. I suck! Still no gift for my husband this fathers day—MIR save me!

  11. Would love to get one for my hubby, too! He would love an addition to his collection.

  12. cool – thanks!

  13. This would be so perfect for my husband! Both he and my son love sports!

  14. Wow! Really?! That’s AWESOME!

  15. Oh, random number generator….you are sooooo pretty! Pick me, pick me, PICK ME!!!
    Pretty please?

  16. Okay, pick me! Please.

  17. Perfect for my husband’s office! Thanks!!

  18. Count me in!

  19. Still no gift for either father or father in law. Maybe they will forget that its Father’s Day??

  20. Enter me. My dh would love this!

  21. This plus Guitar Hero? I think I’ll make wife of the year.

  22. You have the best contests! It’s fun to play!

  23. Hmmmm…this could be a good gift for a couple different people…


  24. While I am the bigger sports nut than my husband, I’m sure my dad would find something he’d like….Thanks for the opportunity pretty, pretty Mir.

  25. What a fabulous contest!

  26. Oh, this would be awesome!

  27. I’d love to win! Thanks for the great contest!

  28. One day I will win

  29. Hmm….how horrible would I be if I kept the photo if I won and gave Dad the Starbucks card we already picked up? 😉

  30. pick me! pick me!

  31. wow, great contest! Thanks 🙂

  32. My husband would so love this! He watches every sport known to man (even curling!).

  33. OOH, I wonder if there are any cycling photos? My dad would love a Tour de France photo!

  34. WOW! Great contest! Thanks agian!!

  35. I’m the prettiest.

  36. sounds good to me!

  37. So cool – thanks! My hubby and I both love sports!

  38. My husband would LOVE a pic from the Superbowl!

  39. Okely Dokely, we’re in, hubby is all about the baseball.

  40. Hubby is out of town for a military class until next month so he will be spending Father’s Day alone. Knowing he is getting the Brian Urlacher photo would make it more bearable for him! We are die-hard Chicago fans….

  41. Excellent! FIL is all about sports! (and in need of some presents…)

  42. This is my lucky number.

  43. What a great gift! Pick me! Pick me!

  44. Oooh – this would be awesome. I hope I win.

  45. Me, me, me!

  46. Oh, this would just make my Dad’s YEAR. What a great idea.

  47. Yep, this makes the perfect gift for the men in my life. Hopefully the random number generator agrees.

  48. Gotta love this contest. Thanks, Mir.

  49. My husband would absolutely love this! Thanks for offering such a neat contest!

  50. Hmm. Do I really need to bring MORE sports into the house? Sure, why not!

  51. Entering!

  52. Perfect for our testosterone family.

  53. Yes please! What a great gift!

  54. Officially posted!

  55. count me in!

  56. I’m a Father. I want to win it for me! 🙂

  57. Woo! Sign me up!!!

  58. Cool!

  59. Yes please!

  60. count me in!

  61. Not my thing, but I know someone who’d be thrilled…

  62. Me please!

  63. yoooo hooooooo!

  64. Very cool, my husband would have a hard time choosing.

  65. Our daughter who was born in April 2005 bears the middle name “Carolina.” I would be a huge winner in my house if we got this one!

  66. What a fun give-away! Thanks! Jessica

  67. my hubby has a huge man crush on Tom Brady!

  68. Yeah sports!

  69. Perfect! Love these contests.

  70. my dad would soooo LOVE this!

  71. Cool!

  72. Me me me oh please oh please meeee!!! thank ya, thank ya very much! Papa Rudy would looooove it!

  73. This would make an awesome gift. 🙂

  74. How fab is that!!! I would love that…(for my husband that is….)

  75. count me in!! thanks

  76. My husband would be nuts for this, thanks!

  77. Wow what a great idea. Thanks

  78. Me! Me! Me! I mean, great contest, thanks for offering! My husband would enjoy one of these.

  79. I would actually have a hard time NOT keeping this one for myself! Go Eagles!

  80. How fun! Thanks pretty one for another great giveaway.

  81. Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity lovely, pretty, Mir!

  82. Awesome contest! Thanks, Mir!

  83. I have the best Hubby in the world–hope he wins!

  84. I’m counting on the random number generator….

  85. What a fantastic last minute (for me) gift idea!!

  86. Both my dad and my hubby would love this!

  87. Sweet… would love this for the hubby. Thanks!!!

  88. great gift idea!

  89. This would be a great gift for my dh. Hoping you’ll pick me.

  90. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! This is right in my wheelhouse! Come on random number generator!!!! Gimme somethin’ I can use.

  91. I think this is my lucky day!!

  92. oh man…this would be great!

  93. What a great (last minute) idea! Thanks!

  94. Oh wow. Too cool!! Thanks for all the contests! And oh yeah, pick me! 😉 You so pretty!

  95. I’m loving all of these giveaways! Thanks!

  96. I wonder if he has any Patriots or Celtics stuff…. Thanks for the contest!

  97. I know my dad would love 2-Winning Touchdown by Plaxico Burress

    Thanks Mir!

  98. Thanks!

  99. Oh yes!!

  100. Please help me to be a good gift-giver this father’s day!

  101. *fingers crossed*

  102. come on lucky 102!

  103. That would be cool.

  104. woo hoo! sign me up. 🙂

  105. cool! For my hubby.

  106. Would love this!!!

  107. Fun.

  108. Me me Me!

  109. This would be PERFECT for my father, gorgeous Mir!

  110. Awesome! Choose me!

  111. My husband would love this.

  112. me!

  113. Perfect!

  114. This would be sweet!

  115. Me! Me! Me!

  116. I’m in. Dad’s a golf freak.

  117. Ohhhhh- sounds great! (Pick me, o random selector…pick me!!)

  118. Very Cool! Thanks!

  119. Would love to win this!

  120. Another great contest!

  121. COMMENT

  122. I just know my dad would pick something Joe Paterno.

  123. Yeah!! Thanks Mir

  124. Hubby is a football (Bears) fan! He would love it!

  125. You should have made it 11:57 just to rouse the curiousity of all of us cats. Love your blog. Witty. But not witty enough to cringe. You know what I mean.

  126. Thanks Pretty Mir!

  127. puh-leez…been on vacation and only shopped for me!! and the girls!!!

  128. pick me! i really need a good free gift!

  129. We have the world’s best dad…put us in the drawing for this!

  130. LOVE IT! matted pics are the BEST!!!

  131. Pick me random number generator! Pick ME!

  132. This would be good for my dad! Thanks!

  133. I’d like a great boxing photo.

  134. Yea! Free stuff!

  135. the husband sure does like sports.

  136. Any horse-racing photos there? I looked briefly but didn’t see any. Paterfamilias used to own and race horses. He still follows the racing news.

  137. I have 3 boys and a hockey goalie for a husband. Got sports?

    If I tell people that Luda not only grabbed your ass, but also asked you for your number, would that increase my chance of winning? Cuz I’m down with that, yo’.

  138. way to rock even more Mir!

  139. the Yankees rule in this house. 😡

  140. Mir-

    This will be a great gift for step-dad and son…
    so… PICK ME! PICK ME! =)


  141. Oh no… we aren’t on the same time zone….
    Thats just depressing!

  142. Wah, I think my time zone is different! But just in case, pick me!

  143. Cool. Sign me up.

  144. Toss my name in the hat, please!

  145. Sign me up. Our new daughter is two weeks old so I haven’t had time to get him a card from the kids.

  146. Oh yeah, I’m a total sports widow. There’s not a season that DH or my boys don’t play something. This would be a hit in our house!

  147. Sure, I’ll take that!! Can’t wait to win!!

  148. pick me!

  149. Oh, my dad would love this…

  150. Sign me up!

  151. Oooh, sign me up please! 🙂

  152. I’m in!

  153. I’d love to win! YOu do such good giveaways, pretty Mir!

  154. What a cool contest! My husband would love something Vikings for his future Vikings room!

    Marlen (

  155. free stuff

  156. yeah free stuff

  157. My husband and boys would love this!

  158. Thanks for doing such fun contests!

  159. Woo and hoo! Thanks Mir, from one college town to another…..

  160. *crosses fingers*

  161. Vwhat? I hope dads can enter too!

  162. Ahhhhh, just want I needed for my hubby. Your the best. Glad to see that hanging with hip hops best hasn’t gone to your head =)

  163. We are sports fans and would to have the picture.

  164. I’m hoping that we win, ‘cuz I think he’ll choose Brett F, and hello, if he does, we both win. What a cutie. 🙂

  165. He loves sports! Thanks!

  166. Sounds great!

  167. Did I mention I heave a heck of a curve ball? No? Probably because I don’t but would love to win anyway.

  168. Pick me 🙂

  169. What nice photographs! Count me in!

  170. Pick me! Please, pick me!

  171. Thanks for the chance! sounds great.

  172. Hope I win!!! I Luvvvv Free Stuff!!! 🙂

  173. Count me in!

  174. Haven’t gotten a gift yet, never too late. Hope I win, he’ll love it!

  175. wonderful gift idea

  176. This would totally trump the round of golf I’m sending him to play tomorrow.

  177. Dang it! Did I miss the deadline?

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