Sometimes you have to hit the store

By Mir
June 14, 2008

You know that I am all about finding the best deals while you sit in the comfort of your own home (preferably in your pajamas, natch).

But sometimes, there’s simply nothing better than rooting around the right store, at the right time, for that special bargain.

Yesterday my husband and I went to Macy’s to find him a sports coat for an upcoming event. I’d been scouring the sales online (with no luck) and we’d been to a few other stores. Well, Macy’s had a rack of blazers for $19.99. For that price, we went ahead and picked up two—one that was originally $325 and one that was $400. $735 worth of jackets for $40. Not bad.

What was your best deal lately?


  1. Mine was “only” groceries but I was happy:

    5 boxes of General Mills cereal on sale for $10
    PLUS $1 off two coupon
    PLUS $1 off two coupon
    PLUS 60 cents off one coupon, doubled

    5 boxes of GM cereal for $6.80 🙂

  2. Wow. That deal ROCKS.

    I haven’t shopped much recently due to financial strains around here, but I DID just pay of our CAR and our CREDIT CARD this morning, all in one swell foop! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  3. A very nice duvet cover and sham set that had been $80, I paid $13. I practically danced out of the store and I grin every time I see it on my bed.

  4. CONGRATS DAMSEL!!!! That was THE BEST feeling when we paid off the car! My best deal latly was my “wedding” dress (Hubby and I renewed our vows for our 10 year) I got a bridesmaid’s dress for $40 originally $130 – oh did I mention I am 6 1/2 months pregnant?? Yeah, THAT make dress shopping a whole new circle of hell.

  5. I just did the stellar AmEx/Sears combo deal…buy 4 AmEx gift cards ($116 after fees) and get two $25 gift cards back (mail-in reward)…then use the AmEx cards to buy $100 in Dockers clothing at Sears, for which we’ll get back a $75 gas card. So, $100 worth of clothes (Father’s Day gifts…and they were actually decently priced!) and $125 in gift cards for $116 OOP.

  6. I also got 9 gallons of organic milk for $2.50 each this week…local grocery deal. All dated into August. (!!!)

  7. Probably the most recent was cashing in on the Econimic Stimulus gift cards at our local grocery store, Cub. $1200 out of pocket for $1320 in gift cards. So my groceries are paid for for awhile. Plus, I get gas discounts both times (when purchasing the gift cards AND when I buy groceries with my gift cards!)

  8. Julie, I’d like to know more about that AmEx Deal. Is it listed on their web site?

  9. A super comfy skirt from the Gap for $4, plus a dress that was originally $70 for a little over $20. Somehow they are way more comfortable because of that whole super-cheap thing.

    Oh, and $72 worth of moisturizing goo and face cleaning wipes from Garnier for $24. It was buy one get one AND I had about $4 in coupons AND the wipes came free with the moisturizer.

    And now my grandmother can never again tell me that I should really start moisturizing while I am young. Instead, she will try and lecture me to death on why I need to get internships and slip in the occasional subtle comment about how I need to give my boyfriend space.

  10. You probably already know about this, but I just found out about the Bath and Bodyworks 75% off sale this weekend. Apparently June and January are their big months for in-store sales. I normally don’t buy stuff from them because– nice as is– it’s so expensive. But at 75% off, I was able to come home with three 10-oz bottles of bath stuff, two 8-oz bottles of body wash, one 10-oz bottle of lotion, and three large fancy soaps. Combined, the total tab came to $17 and change.

    I’m actually thinking of using some of it myself instead of hoarding it all to give as gifts later in the year. It was cheap enough that I wouldn’t feel like I was spending too much on frivolousness.

  11. Super-cute seersucker a-line skirt for $17 at Dillards. Marked down from $70, and it has pockets that don’t pooch! 🙂
    What is the story on the AmEx/Sears deal? Do you buy the cards in store or online?

  12. We needed some very casual wedding clothes for my husband, since his twin brother is getting married this weekend. We got smoking hot deals on linen pants and a nice shirt at Kohls.

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