It’s a deal on. . . money

By Mir
June 15, 2008
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I had to read this deal three times before deciding to post it here. Let’s be clear on what this is about: Apparently you can buy $250 or $500 worth of circulating $1 coins from the U.S. Mint t face value and receive free shipping. That means you order $250 worth of coins for $250, or $500 worth of coins for $500.

Around here, the tooth fairy likes to have $1 coins handy, sure. And I don’t know how many kids you have, but I can’t think of anyone who’s going to be ponying up for 250 teeth.

So why is this a deal? This is a deal if you have a credit card that gives you some sort of desirable reward—cash back, or airline miles, or the like—and you can afford to charge your order to that credit card and you will pay your credit card balance off immediately. (Which, you know, should be easy to do, seeing as how you’re ordering money.)


  1. Yes, this is odd.

  2. Ohhhhh, I get it! Buying cash! Clev!

  3. It’s the government, spending money to send you money that you will then convert to other money.

    (guess who pays for the free shipping, my taxpayer friends?)

    Must go lie down, my brain just exploded.

  4. This is also a fun idea if you’re going to be going to Renaissance Festivals this year — you can feel like you’re part of the fun by tipping and paying for things with “gold coins.” I bet it would be a similar feel at Colonial Williamsburg, too.

    Needless to say, RenFaire performers had a heyday when the gold Sacagaweah dollars first came out 🙂

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