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By Mir
June 16, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So you’re wanting to pick up some of your favorite beauty items, but you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, there has got to be a deal on this sort of thing so that I don’t have to spend so much. I think I’ll check with Mir!” And you were so right to do that, Pretty.

Right now you can purchase $25 worth of beauty products from Amazon and get $20 back. Yes, really. Read the terms, there, but basically any $25+ beauty purchase from a single seller will come with a free subscription to US Weekly. You can send in a rebate form so that instead of the magazine subscription, you get the retail value back—$19.80. (Although I am generally not a fan of rebate deals, I have always requested rebates on Amazon magazine bonuses and they have always come without a problem.)

And suddenly your fancy-pants make-up has a decidedly unfancy price. Nice!


  1. I’m so pumped that Bare Minerals is included in this promotion… Thanks Mir!

  2. Cool, I’ve been wanting to try a particular thing from Philosophy. I also found the product I wanted – with free shipping – from another seller rather than from Philosophy directly. So instead of $35 plus $6 shipping, it will be around 10 bucks. I love this site.

  3. How do you know which brands are included?

  4. It is everything that is in Amazon beauty. Just click Mir’s link. The only catch is that you must purchase $25.00 from ONE seller…

    For example: you can’t do 1 item for $6 from one seller and one item for $20 from another seller. They would BOTH have to be from the same seller. Sephora is a big one that pretty much has everything.

  5. Cool! I found Kiss my Face products (vegan) and they all seem to be applicable for the sale.

  6. Well, I spent more than $25, but I’d been wanting to try a couple Philosophy skin care items, so getting $20 back is a great way to do so. Thanks, Mir!

  7. The rebate form comes as an attachment to the e-mail confirming your magazine subscription, and the rebate comes from the magazine publisher?

    Thank you!

  8. help please!! I got the email to get the refund and it says “If you would like a refund for your 20-issue subscription (a $19.80 value) as part of your purchase, send a completed copy of the form with a copy of your order confirmation, within 30 days, to: Us Weekly Rebate, P.O. Box 8253, Red Oak, IA 51591-1253.”

    My question is – do I fill out the form to get the magazines?? and is this refund request going to get there before the magazines come? And do I need to cancel the magazine on top of this??

    Thanks in advance for all your help – it’s my first time doing a magazine rebate!

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