Free food for Fido

By Mir
June 17, 2008
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Purina wants to give you a 30-day supply of dog or cat food absolutely free. Just call 800-521-6300 and go through the automated prompts to select which one you’d like to receive.

Don’t have a pet? Consider doing it anyway, then drop the food off at your local shelter. It’s good karma.

(Alternatively, you could feed it to the kids when they misbehave, I suppose….)


  1. Which only works if the kids don’t like the cat food…

    Horrible truth about to be revealed: my mother had to feed our cat on the counter for years because otherwise I’d eat his Purina Cat Chow. I loved that stuff!

    And people wonder why I’m strange 🙂

  2. Wow, awesome sample! Thank you pretty Mir!

  3. The automated system does ask for your pet(s) names, so have a name ready if you’re building some Karma!

  4. Awesome! Though our regular cat is fat, and our feral/”pet” cat is skinny, so I averaged and said they were just right. And I didn’t include the occasional other cat, crows, jays, foxes, possums, neighbor dogs, etc. that show up and eat the wild one’s food, maybe I should have! 😉

  5. Cool! I was able to request samples for both the dogs and the cat. Thanks for posting this!

  6. I did this about a year ago and never got my free samples. 🙁

  7. do they take into account how BIG my dog is? That would save me $20!

  8. I have done this several times, and like Crystal, never received anything. But what the heck, the claim 3rd times a charm!

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