Yes, again

By Mir
June 17, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, let’s not talk about how the dining room is going. In fact, let’s pretend I don’t actually have a dining room. I think that would be prudent, at this point.

Instead, I think I’ll hop on over to and use coupon code SIZZLING through June 22nd, 2008, to buy some discount restaurant certificates for 50% off. Why, if I’m paying only $5 for each $25 worth of fine dining, that will totally make up for the fact that my venetian plaster appears to have been applied by frenzied armadillos rolling all over the walls.

Right? Right.


  1. You realize somebody would pay you good money to have frenzied armadillos rolled on their walls?

    This is a weird, weird world we live in 🙂

  2. Only a most pretty, genius writer type like yourself could have ever thought of THAT description!

  3. So THAT’s where my dad’s been dropping off those armadillos he traps. They got their experience frenziing my mom’s mulch beds.

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