Free shipping = less gas

By Mir
June 19, 2008

I’ve always loved a free shipping bonus while shopping online, but with the current cost of gas I have to say that now I sort of consider it the Holy Grail. I’ll calculate out how much it would’ve cost me to get out to the store and back, and then I cackle a little bit to myself about how I saved both the cost of my gas and what they would’ve charged me to ship it, normally. And then I feel very pleased.

Anyway, through June 22nd, 2008, you can use coupon code WXH3619 to ship your entire order at Coldwater Creek for free. Why, it’s practically like they’re paying you to shop (particularly if you’re shopping in the Outlet). Enjoy!

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  1. Speaking of free shipping, I found a ginormous box on my front step when I got home yesterday. I couldn’t even lift the thing, so I had to slide/drag it through the front door and open it up to take the items out individually to shift it. It was that two-fer deal you had on here the other day from Linens n’ Things for the cooking 101 sets.

    I have no idea how they made any money at all on that sale between the free shipping for something that weighed approximately three tons (11 piece cast iron breakfast griddle set and an 11 piece pizza set including a heavy pizza stone) and was a grand total of $20 before tax. Sweet deal for me, though–thanks, pretty Mir!

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