If I see paint on sale, I’ll scream

By Mir
June 20, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Let’s have a look at the Amazon Friday Sale before I have to go back and do some more painting, shall we? (The painting is almost done. I think. I hope. Please, dear lord.)

This is an awesome little grill for those in close quarters, like if you live in a small apartment with an even smaller deck. Or if you’re only cooking for one or two people.

Now that we’re getting wood floors, do you think I should get a couple pairs of these cleaning slippers for my kids? I think it’s time they started earning their keep around here.

It’s a weather forecaster and atomic clock all in one. If only it could pick out your clothes for you, it’d be the perfect morning companion.

Need a sewing machine?

Taking everyone and their bikes on vacation this summer? Don’t forget the bike hitch!

Trying to eat healthier, but not willing to give up the delicious taste of bacon? I love that Amazon is now selling bacon salt. (My husband got me some of this for my birthday last year, and we use it all the time. Especially my son, who would cheerfully eat an entire pig at every meal, if only his mean mother would let him.)

I love these bar stools and would consider installing a bar just to have a place to put them. Is that wrong?

Fabulous wedding gift alert! (I love gifts that say “swanky” when you really didn’t pay that much.)

And don’t forget the Friday Five, five MP3 albums for just $5 each. This week they have everything from opera to Sinatra to folk.

And now… back to painting….


  1. Cleaning slippers: YES. I got some for my mom for Christmas and she LOVES them. She lets guests try them out at parties and everyone has a blast… cleaning my mom’s floor for her.

  2. The weather forecaster and atomic clock is missing one feature; speech. If it talked, I’d be all over it for my (blind) son, the weather channel addict.

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