I’m not on vacation, but Elmo is

By Mir
June 22, 2008
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I’m not going to lie to you—it’s more than okay with me that my kids have outgrown Elmo. You could say that I experienced Elmo Fatigue by the time my youngest was over him. But I suppose he is rather lovable and fuzzy, and also, anything that keeps a small child occupied for more than five minutes is okay by me.

So have you seen that the latest Elmo movie is being released on Tuesday (June 24th)? It’s called Sesame Street: Elmo’s World — Summer Vacation. It promises to be the sort of Elmo-riffic (totally a word) fun that drives your little kid wild.

I’m giving away 5 copies of the new Elmo movie, just because you’re pretty. Want to win one? Leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 23rd, 2008 to be entered for a chance to win. One entry per person, valid email address, etc. Winners to be determined by random drawing and Dorothy the goldfish.

Ready? Go!


  1. Boy , I don’t like to be first but my grandaughter would love ELMO.

  2. Oh yeah!! My little girl adores Elmo.

  3. We’re big Elmo fans over here! Fun!

  4. My niece would love this!

  5. My 2 year old daughter loves Elmo’s World!

  6. My first was into Elmo but my second wasn’t so I have had a break. I’m even willing to introduce him to my baby. I kinda miss Mr Noodle.

  7. My kids would lie, cheat, and steal for this!

  8. I’m not sure *I’m* quite ready for Elmo, but I bet my daughter is.

  9. We are just starting our Elmo love affair, these would be perfect!

  10. My son loves Elmo, or “momo”

  11. I still have 2 little ones who love Elmo!!

  12. Elmo loves his goldfish! His crayon, too!

    Enough said.

  13. Count me in!!!

  14. My niece and nephew would love this!

  15. Anything to give me a break from the Wiggles! LOL! Count me in, too.

  16. My older 2 are almost over Elmo, but the youngest is very close to PRIME ELMO AGE. We’d love the movie.

  17. We’ll definitely take it! Thanks for the chance, pretty Mir!

  18. oh elmo

  19. oh please pick me….it would make our vacation drive this summer much more tolerable! Thanks

  20. I hope Dorothy picks my number….lucky #19

  21. Thanks to the grandparents, Elmo’s made his way into our house and there’s no turning back. The little one loves baby Elmo and “big” Elmo and “dancing” Elmo and Elmo books and .. yeah, he’s a big Elmo fan. He’d go crazy over this!

  22. My grandchildren would love this!

  23. Ah, my niece adores Elmo. We’re crossing our fingers here…

  24. I would really enjoy giving this to my nephew… The tortured look on my brother’s face would be priceless. Pick me please!!!

  25. My daughter loves Elmo! 🙂

  26. We are going on a looooong trip soon and my son loves elmo.

  27. Awww… Elmo isn’t that bad. At least he’s not Barney.

  28. I’m doing this only for my daughter. Because we won’t let Barney in the house, and I’m sick of Dora.

  29. Pick me, Dorothy!

  30. My son is now obsessed with Elmo. He thinks my laptop is called Elmo because I let him go to Elmo’s website once. Geesh!

  31. Woo Hoo! Bring on Mr. Noodle!!!

  32. You know, I thought [pre-kid] that I would totally hate Elmo. But I don’t! Not yet, anyhow. If she ever makes the connection between Jingle Bells and the end of Elmo song, I might go a little nuts…

  33. My girls wanted to invite Elmo to their birthday party. Before Nana, even.

  34. DD LOVES Elmo!

  35. ELMO is the BEST!!

  36. ^.^

  37. Elmo is definatley a staple in my house.

  38. Always looking for entertainment while my wife is at the grocery store.

  39. Elmo is still greatly loved around here, my 2 would love to see more of him.

  40. Oh boy my 2 year old would love this!

  41. Yo Dorothy, I’m in! I’d donate it to the local children’s shelter.

  42. We are not an Elmo-free house, yet.

  43. Count me in. 🙂

  44. Thanks for your great contests!

  45. 2 out of 3 of mine are still infatuated with Elmo. Yay for giveaways!

  46. Love Elmo!!

  47. My niece loves “Melmo”!

  48. Hoping..

  49. I have a 3 yr old who loves Elmo, and a 17 yr old who still thinks he’s cute! The 3 yr old always calls him “My Elmo”.

  50. My one year old would be so happy if we win. That is the only thing she likes right now… other than cheese and yougurt. 🙂

  51. I’ll be glad when we’re out of the Elmo phase, too, but for now I know my son would be THRILLED to have a copy of the new movie! Thanks, Mir!

  52. wow both of my children would love this and my almost 2 year old ( shes 2 on the 27) would probably sit for her nails to be painted with this!

  53. Me, Me, Me! My 2 year old can’t walk past anything Elmo without stopping dead in her tracks and squealing Eemooo! She would love this.

  54. My daughter will love this. Me, not so much.

  55. My daughter’s first word was ELMO. Not mama or dada, but ELMO. Needless to say we are IN LOVE with ELMO at our house. Happy summer!

  56. We have an Elmo fan too. (No, not me.)

  57. Come on, Dorothy, pick me!! I have a 2 year old little girl who would love you forever if I won!!

  58. Please pick me!

  59. Lexi loves Elmo!

  60. Sounds good here, my kiddos whould love a copy.

  61. My son adores Elmo – he even sleeps with a stuffed one every night – so we would LOVE to win this!

  62. Me me! Put me in the drawing! Thanks, and I love your website.

  63. As much as I pushed her towards Cookie Monster, Elmo won out for my daughter – we’d love this! Thanks oh-so-pretty one 🙂

  64. Dorothy, this is the lucky number!

  65. You’re pretty, too!

  66. yippee!!!!

  67. My daughter would love this!

  68. I have two kiddos under age three… we are SO LOVING Elmo! Thanks Mir, you are the tallest, prettiest, & smartest in the land!

  69. We would all love this. Thanks, Mir, for the chance!

  70. Elmo is SOOOO big!

  71. What’s a day without Elmo?

  72. We haven’t quite outgrown Elmo yet… my little guy would love this!

  73. My Little Man has moved on…Elmo is not cool enough, I guess. But now Little Miss is hooked on him!! She loves anything Elmo!!

  74. My granddaughter would love this video! She is quite obsessed!

  75. Our little girl (12 months) just loves Elmo and won’t really watch anything else. We can’t wait to see this new video.

  76. We would love us some Elmo!

  77. That little red guy is so cute!

  78. This is sure to drive me nuts, but my daughter would love it. Thanks!

  79. I will stuff my ears with cotton, but my baby girl (she is TOO a baby!) would love it.

  80. Lala lala, la la la, ELMO’S WORLD! We’re hoping we are chosen 🙂

  81. My boys adore Elmo (they are seriously watching Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays RIGHT NOW and it’s almost JULY). We would adore the summer video!!! 🙂

  82. awww! we’re elmo freaks over here! we would love the summer video!

  83. Thanks – enter us please! I promise never to say I regret winning, as we watch it the zillionth time! 🙂

  84. Mir – this would make me the best aunt ever!

  85. ELMO was my daughter’s first word!!!

  86. Who doesn’t love Elmo?

  87. Love!

  88. Yay for Elmo!

  89. My little guy would love this!

  90. me!!!

  91. 😀

  92. My two youngest would love to have this! (Or is it that I would love to have it?!?!) Having a “babysitter” for 30 minutes so I can shower is always a good thing!!

  93. still in elmo land over here…

  94. My kids still love Elmo.

  95. My son loves Elmo. 🙂

  96. Yay for Elmo and for me getting some Mommy time!

  97. I know a little boy who would LOVE this, we’ll take a try, thanks

  98. my twin daughters would LOOOOOVE it and I would LOOOOVE giving it to them 🙂

  99. Elmo drives me INSANE, but it does seem that all kiddos love him. So, I’m willing to sacrifice my sanity for my children….

  100. Yes please.

  101. What Christina said!

  102. My little guy would be in heaven with this! Please!

  103. Oof, I’m not so sure I want to win this one, but my kids would be pretty psyched if I did…

  104. I’ve got three under five and they all love Elmo, thanks!

  105. You can’t go wrong with Elmo!

  106. please? 🙂

  107. We’ve got big elmo fans here!

  108. La la la la, la la la la…Elmo’s world!

  109. Pick me Dorothy, pick me!
    This is as close to vacation as my 2 year old will get! 🙂

  110. We’re all about Elmo in our house!

  111. We love the Elmo- so does everyone else is seems:)

  112. Sweet holy moses, I can’t believe I’m actually trying to win this.

    My mental health is in your hands, random number generator…

  113. Elmo sleeps with my son every night… I guess he’s been making movies in the daytime while we are out… Huh.

  114. My kids, love Elmo–and I’m okay with it! 🙂

  115. My son loves “M”Elmo

  116. Elmo is the man..errr…muppet!!! My little boy LOVES him. Elmo’s World is the best part of Sesame Street as far as he’s concerned. He would love to watch this video so mommy can take a shower!

  117. Please Dorothy, pick me!!

  118. child #2 is just getting into elmo, sigh.

  119. Who doesn’t love Elmo? Communists, that’s who.

  120. I cannot claim to be the biggest Elmo fan, but I am certain that my 4.5 year old would love his own Elmo DVD.

    Thanks, Mir.

  121. I just spent the weekend taking care of my niece and nephew. They NEED more variety. 🙂 Now I’m off to take a nap.

  122. Perfect! Little guy loves elmo! With a big cross country (ok 1/2 the country) move and a new place to live a familiar fuzzy guy is good. Thanks!

  123. This is my first visit here- excellent site!

  124. Elmo lovers here, too!

  125. My daughter would be thrilled! And the 24th is exactly one month until her third bday! Wouldn’t it be a cool (and pretty!) gift?

    … Gretchen

  126. We love Elmo, and his goldfish too!

  127. You know, I don’t LOVE Elmo, but I’d be happy to let the kids watch him, if it would give me some peace and quiet.

  128. I can’t stand that furry little monster but the kids love him… the sacrifices we make for those we love.

  129. Thanks Mir!

  130. This would be perfect for my niece’s first birthday next week. Thanks!!

  131. My little one does not yet know sesame street (no cable or TV… but DVD’s play on computers…) Would love to won!

  132. I’m not sure why I would want to torture myself with this, but I know my son will love it.


  133. Comeon Dorothy, pick me!!! For the sake of my sanity on a plane from AZ to Maine!

  134. La, La, La, La…La, La, La, La…Elmo’s World! Now, there is one little muppet guy I could never get sick of. My 2-year-old would love an Elmo flick. 🙂

  135. Here’s a shot at the prize. 🙂

  136. Oh, I hope I win. My toddler doesn’t say much, but one word he knows (and says excitedly) is “EM-MO!”

  137. My 9 month old is just starting to fall in love with elmo–this would be perfect!

  138. I love Elmo almost as much as my little guy does 😉

  139. Pick me, PLEASE.

  140. K. LOVES Elmo! She pronounces it Eh-mo, and loves to dance with him.

  141. This would be a great late-birthday surprise for my 4 yr-old nephew!

  142. This would be great for my toddler. He loves Elmo.

  143. We are HUGE Elmo fans at our house. My little boy just loves him. I hope you pick us!! 🙂

  144. lalalala lalalala elmo’s world!

  145. My kids still love Elmo, and my daughter always calls him Elmo’s world when she sees him!! Count us in!! Lucky 145:)

  146. I would love to be picked for the Elmo movie.

  147. Dude I’m game on this!

  148. i want one

  149. We love Elmo and I hope this is a lucky entry. Would love to win. Mir, how’s the painting??

  150. Elmo was one of my daughter’s first words! She’d love this…
    Yes, please!

  151. Elmo says “pick number 151!”

  152. Elmo is the only reason I am able to shower daily! His videos buy me 15 minutes of me time while my daughter bounces up and down to his antics! We only have 2 videos though, so this one would be a welcome addition! Thanks! Great giveaway!

  153. Would be great for my 3 year old niece! Her first word was “melmo”, meaning elmo.

  154. I am going on vacation in a week and a half, and the plane trip might be just the place to make my little one sit still and keep quiet while paying attention to an Elmo video. Thanks Mir!

  155. Mia would love this!

  156. My son would love this!

  157. right on!! thanks for the chance, oh winds of fate! and random number generator….

  158. Yay, Elmo!!

  159. La-laaaa-la-laaaa
    Elmo’s World….. 🙂

  160. I’ll be honest, I just found out I am going to be a grandma so I have time, bit I don’t think Elmo will ever grow out of style, I still love him lol

  161. My daughter loves elmo and my son wants to be elmo…

  162. Me! I am on vacation!

  163. I NEED this for our 10-hour long trip next month. Gotta have something to keep my 1-year-old, Elmo-loving daughter entertained!

  164. Love, love, love Elmo!!

  165. We’d love us a new Elmo movie! One can only watch Elmopallooza so many times.

  166. I just went to my Godson’s first birthday party and it was Elmo themed. I would love to win this for him. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  167. I may later kill myself for entering this contest, but Melanie would love it (and Colin would probably pretend to hate it but still watch). 🙂

  168. My son loves Elmo! Pick me! 🙂

  169. My boy would go crazy…pick me!! 🙂

  170. Luckily my boy is kinda over Elmo, but my niece would absolutely love it, I’m sure. Thanks, Pretty Mir!

  171. My son LOVES elmo!!

  172. My kids LOVE elmo. In fact, they have pulled out the Christmas elmo and have been watching it constantly. Thanks for the contest!

  173. My 3 year old is VERY much into “Melmo” We’d love it!

  174. We are big fans of Elmo here. Thanks for the opportunity!

  175. Hello Dorothy! Pick me, pick me!

  176. I very badly wish I had no use for this, but I really do. Toddler really can’t be expected to have good taste, can they?

  177. Pretty please, pretty Mir!! My daughter would love this!

  178. Tickle me!! Love to add this to our DVD toddler collection!

  179. My oldest would love this.. I think there are multiple Dorothy’s on contract, since she doesn’t always look the same…. 😉

  180. Ms. Rachael would love this. 🙂

  181. My 2 year old Zoe would love this!!

  182. Oh, oh, Dorothy! Pick me, pretty please?

  183. We need more Elmo at out house!

  184. We Love Elmo here and I’m sure our new baby will too! Please pick me!! Thanks!!

  185. Elmo!

    We like Mr noodle too

  186. Very exciting… undoubtedly annoying, but would be very loved in our household.

  187. wow…this is great! I’ve got a one and three year olds so this will be great in our house! thanks 🙂

  188. Elmo thinks Mir is very very pretty!

  189. My son LOVES Elmo! Pretty Mir and Pretty Random Number Site, pretty please pick me.

  190. Why do I want this again?

  191. My kids love Elmo and this video is just what this Mom needs for a little break of her own! Thanks for the chance to win this little gem!

  192. My son is 16 months old and LOVES Elmo. I am a single mom, so I pray I win one of these!!!

  193. My 18 month old LOVES elmo. She cannot get enough!
    (Can’t say I’m as crazy about him)… 🙂

  194. La, la, la, la… la, la, la, la… Elmo’s World!

  195. Yes, I still have Elmo fans in my house!

  196. WE LOVE ELMO!!!

  197. OMG! My girl is Elmo crazy (or as she calls him, Melmo)and this would be so perfect if only the random number thingy didn’t hate me so =o\

  198. elmo’s a good friend to my son – we’d love to have him!

  199. Hi! My little nephew would love a new elmo DVD. And I would love to be his favorite aunt for a day…! Thanks!

  200. Would be great to win this!

  201. We love Elmo at our house!

  202. 😀

  203. My Granddaughter still loves ELMO! He is so cute, just like MIR!!

  204. *sigh*

    I shudder, but this will allow me to park my 3-yr-old so I can toss his piles of junk, er, toys as I pack for our move.


  205. This would be a big hit at our house~

  206. I’m not on vacation either. Phooey. Elmo would cheer me up, though. Oh, I mean the kids, the kids would like him. Hee.

  207. For my niece!

  208. because I need more Elmo in this house!

  209. I’d actually be able to take a shower in peace! Thanks for the chance (the highlight of my Monday so far)

  210. My 1 year old twins would love this!

  211. My 2 yr old LOVES Elmo!!! Please count me in.


  212. Who doesn’t love Elmo???

  213. I mostly like Dorothy the goldfish.

  214. Yeah – Elmo!

  215. Niece could use some Elmo. She’ll be watching it 3000 miles away which is mostly sad, but in this case just fine.

  216. We love love love Elmo at our house!

  217. Elmo is my favorite!

  218. Elmo is still huge at our house! Mine are 3 and 5– when does it end?

  219. Oh, please, please, please, please, please, please. Please! Pick! ME!

    My daughter LOVES Elmo (in fact, she just got sick in bed and as I was changing her sheets, she asked for her Elmo sheets. My pleasure, just please don’t puke on them, m’kay?) Anyways, her love of Elmo is wide-ranging and we (I) would love to have another Elmo video to capture her attention.

  220. We are huge Elmo fans here! Our goldfish, the Dorothys (both of them) love him too.

  221. Count us in! Elmo is big in our house!!!!!

  222. Pretty, Smart, and Generous Mir…20 hours in the car with 2 kids under 5. Need I say more?

  223. WE LOVE ELMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. Yeay Em-mo!

  225. Elmos’ world here we come!

  226. My little one would love Elmo. Thanks!

  227. Elmo is my 19 mo. old’s new obsession!

  228. My 2-year-old sings the alphabet thanks to Elmo, but ends it with “won’t you come and play with ELMO!”

  229. My daughter would be so excited!

  230. we’re elmo fans too

  231. I guess Elmos is not concerned about the surging price of gas or perhaps he is using his tax incentive check to go on vacation. Either way, it makes me sad that Elmo can afford to go on summer vacation but we can’t. Perhaps if we won this video, we could live vicariously through Elmo.

  232. My 19-month-old daughter loves Elmo so much, that she just has to let me know whenever “Elmo’s World” comes on during “Sesame Street.” She believes everyone else should love him, too.

  233. My neice loves Elmo. Thanks for the chance.

  234. This could make up for the fact that we aren’t taking our summer vacation until September 🙂

  235. Yay! Elmo!

  236. Yes please on the Elmo. My son loves him.

  237. Whew – I’m not too late! Lalalala, lalalala, Elmo’s world…

  238. Oh my god do we love Elmo

  239. My boys would love this!

  240. My daughter would love this. Thank you 🙂

  241. We call him “Moe Moe” at our house. Pick us, pick us.:)

  242. thanks!

  243. thank you!

  244. sorry about the double post

  245. Count me in! My son loves him some Elmo.

  246. I’m in!

  247. thank you so much!!! i love elmo.

  248. Fun stuff!

  249. Fingers crossed!

  250. hi!

  251. I’ll take a chance.

  252. yay! a contest! one for my little bitties!

  253. Sign me up!

  254. Yay! Elmo for my 9 month old!

  255. E.L.M.O ELMO!!!!!!!!!

  256. Sure, I’m in.

  257. My daughter is just nuts about Elmo! We would Love this!!! Or, she would! And I guess I would too – it would give me a break from all the Elmo videos we already have!

  258. “melmo! please pretty Mir!” (says my sweet 2 year old)

  259. My kids love Elmo. I’d love to win.

  260. I’d love this!

  261. Elmo fans here!!! We watch him every morning!

  262. Yay, I’m squeaking in under the wire 🙂 My daughter has just fallen in love with the E-man and I bought her her first Elmo DVD this past weekend – we’d love another one!

  263. My daughter is drawn to the Elmo books we have, so I know she would love an Elmo DVD-this would be her first one!!

  264. I have a 17-month-old who’s a huge Elmo fan, so count me in.

  265. La La La La Elmo’s World!!!

  266. Hey, it’s worth a try for my 2 little ones 🙂

  267. My boys are almost too big for this, buy my niece would LOVE it…hope we win one!

  268. Do we need to enter while speaking in the 3rd person? Tessa wants to win! Ha

  269. We love Elmo!

  270. Ooh, almost midnight! We’re huge “elbo” fans here, too.

  271. we love mr. noodle!

  272. Man, I think my girl woudl do a jig if we won this!

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