Family game night just got sillier

By Mir
June 24, 2008
Category Contests

I’m all about family togetherness, and when that can be achieved with a high level of hilarity, I’m in. My family enjoys a rousing game or twelve of Uno, for example, made all that much more special by my son’s penchant for shrieking “OCHO!” periodically. (Maybe you have to be there. We find it amusing.)

Wiggity Bang games are all about having fun and maybe (shhhhh!) learning a little bit while you’re at it. If that’s not a prescription for a happy family, I don’t know what is. And take a look at what the generous Wiggity Bang folks have donated:

  • Whizizzle Phonics is for ages 4+, and boasts that it is “easier than memorization and more fun than flashcards.” There are two packs for a total of six decks, levels 1-2-3 and 4-5-6. I have two sets of complete Whizizzle Phonics (all six decks) up for grabs.
  • FlapDoodle is a board game for ages 6+ where you’ll “use your creativity and imagination to answer crazy questions and do silly stunts.” I have two FlapDoodle games to give away.
  • Quelf is a “hilariously silly party game” for ages 12+. You have to go read the complete description, because it comes with—among other things—“1 giant invisible harpoon.” I like it already! I have two Quelf games to give away.

Okay. Got that? I have a total of six Wiggity Bang games to give away, two each of the three games described above. To enter for a chance to win, you need to do two things:

  • Leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern time (that’s noontime, Pacific) on Thursday, June 26th, 2008. Said comment must have a valid email address and you may only enter once.
  • You tell me in your comment which one of the three games you’d like to win.

Entries not left within the specified time limit will be eliminated. Entries that do not specify only one game will be eliminated. Children who leave dirty socks on the floor will be eliminated strongly chastised.

Winners to be determined by random number drawing; I will generate two numbers for the first pair of winners (who will each receive the game of their choosing), and after that we go into single numbers being matched to a prize or eliminated because their chosen prize is already claimed.

Confused yet? Eh, you’ll figure it out. You have two days. Go!


  1. Whizizzile please!!!!!!!!

  2. flapdoodle please. . .

  3. I love contests and I love games. The best of both worlds.

    I’d like to enter for Quelf! Thanks

  4. flapdoodle me, please!

  5. Whizizzle Phonics OR the flapdoodle HERE please.
    My daughter hates doing the flash cards in the car with me

    Best of luck to all!

  6. Whizizzle Phonics please..

  7. yeah, more giveaways!! Whizzizzle phonics, mst definitely!

  8. Raising my hand for Flapdoodle. Thank you Mir.

  9. Quelf sounds like a load of fun!

  10. Flapdoodle would be great for my already bored 7 year old!

  11. We’d love Quelf. I’m always looking for games to engage my 14 year old son, which aren’t video games.


  12. I’ve got a nearly 5 year old — so I want to throw my cap in for Whizizzle Phonics.


  13. whizzizzle! fun, fun, and more fun!

  14. Whizizzle Phonics for my munchkins would be fabulous!

  15. i would love to win Quelf. 🙂 please.

  16. Whizizzle phonics for my sweet beginning readers. Awesome giveaway!

  17. Crossing my fingers for…Quelf. It sounds like a great game!

  18. Flapdoodle is my game of choice.

  19. I know someone who would love this! Quelf please!

  20. Quelf please!

  21. Quelf. The name is so funny…what is not to like?

  22. Quelf sounds like fun for our family.

  23. Count me in for the Whizizzle Phonics, please.

  24. I would love FlapDoodle!

  25. Quelf please!

  26. Flapdoodle sounds like great fun!

  27. Whizizzle for shizzle! (Can I say that on here?)

  28. Flapdoodle would be most fun!! Thanks, Mir you are wonderful and beautiful too!

  29. Quelf sounds great! We love interesting and different games. My 12 yo would like to try this and may enter also.

  30. I’d love Whizzizzle Phonics! thanks for entering me!

  31. We’d love to give Flapdoodle a whirl!

  32. Flapdoodle pretty pretty please – added bonus that they are all so much fun to say. I’m off to check out that site, my kids love games.


  33. Flapdoodle sounds great for my kids ages. We love family game night. Great giveaway!

  34. Quelf please. 🙂

  35. Flapdoodle sounds good for my clan.


  36. Pick me, please. A smile from my kids always cheers up a bad day.

  37. Whizzizzle phonics please!

  38. Whizzle Phonics sounds great!

  39. Quelf for us – thanks, Mir! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  40. Quelf please! I teach middle school and it sounds perfect for my students to play on rainy days.

  41. I’m starting a new nanny position in a few weeks, and I’d love to have the Whizizzle decks to play with my new charges!

  42. whizizzle phonics! awesome

  43. I’d love a chance to win the Whizizzle Phonics! Thanks!

  44. Whizizzle, please!

  45. I never win but just in case, Whizizzle Phonics please!

  46. Fun, fun, fun. Quelf is my choice! Thanks for allt the great contests.

  47. Well, I’ve got boys that would love any of these games! I can’t pick one but Flapdoodle or Quelf would be the top 2 choices, I guess. We like games and we love silly!

  48. QUELF! But can you tell me where the name comes from?! Love it!

  49. I’d like to have Quelf for work, please.

  50. Flapdoodle, pretty! sounds like fun!

  51. We’d love the Whizizzle Phonics game. Thanks!

  52. I made my kids pick up their socks first and we would love the Quelf game. Thanks!

  53. hooked on phonics didn’t work for me…Whizizzle please. thanks!

  54. Whizizzle Phonics, please. Thank you so much!

  55. Flapdoodle please:)

  56. I’d love the Whizizzle Phonics! The oldest is four and just starting to recognize letters and sounds.

  57. Whizizzle Phonics!! Woo hoo!!

  58. Flapdoodle sounds like great fun!

  59. Great Giveaway! Fun learning games with really cool silly names!
    We’d love to own a Whizizzle, please! And if it isn’t in the stars, at least it’s fun to say!
    Thanks again, Mir!!

  60. Quelf would be nice because I just love anything with the letter Q. And P.S. I don’t wear socks usually.

  61. Quelf, please! You’re pretty!

  62. Quelf sounds like something our family would really enjoy!

  63. I’d love a FlapDodle!

  64. We would love the Flapdoodle! 🙂 Thanks, Mir!

  65. Whizizzle Phonics please – several kids learning to read here!

  66. Quelf for me. We heart games!

  67. Whizizzle Phonics!

  68. Quelf please! Thanks for the contests, Mir! 🙂

  69. Oh Ya! Quelf sounds fun!

  70. I would like Quelf!

  71. Whizzle-de-dizzle-de-Phonics for us, please! (Whizizzle Phonics)

  72. oh how fun! Whizizzle please

  73. Quelf please. “Hear me, for I have spoken.”*
    *a rule card from the game. HILARIOUS and may just be my new phrase to drive my kids crazy.

  74. Whizizzle Phonics or FlapDoodle, please!

  75. Quelf sounds awesome (like I might have to buy it myself), but for this contest I’d like to enter for the Phonics game.

  76. flapdoodle please 🙂

  77. My kids insist on saying “ONE” instead of Uno. They find that hilarious.

    Also, invisible harpoon? That is brilliant. Truly brilliant. I want to be brilliant enough to invent games with invisible harpoons.

    I need Quelf, sounds like the perfect family game night game for our new house in Illinois.

  78. Flapdoodle sounds like a gas! Oh wait, that was my husband! 🙂

  79. Quelf – just because it sounds FUN. It would be good for my 12yo to play with friends, as I am one of those mean mom types that won’t get Wii or Gamecube or a trampoline 😛


  80. I trust that you understand how the drawing works. I know that for my part, I have to tell you what game I’d LOVE to win. I’m going for Whizizzle Phonics because my boy turns four in a month and might actually be able to play that one. You have been quite the gifter, lately. Just another reason you are so pretty.

  81. quelf please

  82. Whizizzle Phonics -Ooh ooh fun!!!!

  83. i would love the Whizizzle Phonics i have a 2 year old who is smart as a wip! so i would love to start playing this game with her! thanks again!

  84. Whizizzle for me (I can already read so I guess I mean for my twins), please. Heck, win or not, I am just going to start using whizizzle in conversation from now on as in: “What the whizizzle is going on in this bedroom when you should be sleeping!!”

    Thanks, Mir!

  85. Wahoo…flapdoodle please!! 🙂

    As always, thanks for the chance, Mir!

  86. Whizizzle Phonics!!!

  87. Whizizzle Phonics please

  88. FlapDoodle looks WAY too fun! YAY! I love your giveaways!

  89. Flapdoodle for me please!!

  90. Quelf for us……….Pleeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!!

  91. Our six-year-old would LOVE FlapDoodle!!!

    Thanks for all your great posts…I always look forward to reading your blog! 🙂

  92. Quelf sound like fun!!!

  93. Quelf, please!

  94. We would love to play Flapdoodle!

  95. I would love quelf please

  96. Quelf sounds intriguing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. Put me in for Quelf! 🙂

  98. We’d love to win Flapdoodle!! thanks!!

  99. Flapdoodle please!

  100. Whizizzile would be great!

  101. Flapdoodle would be perfect for my kids.

    Thanks, Mir.

  102. Flapadoodle, please!!! :o)

  103. I wouldn’t be a homeschooling mom if I didn’t ask for Whizizzle!

  104. Throwing my hat in for Flapdoodle, please!

  105. OOO! Quelf for me! Quelf!

  106. Quelf for my shelf!!
    It is hard to find ways to engage those pre teens..
    Thanks for the fun!

  107. FlapDoodle!! 🙂

  108. Whizizzle Phonics!!

  109. Flapdoodle for my crew please! Thanks for the contests Mir – what fun!

  110. whizizzle sounds great!!! fun contests!

  111. Flapdoodle sounds like fun!

  112. No dirty socks on the floor here – Quelf, please!

  113. Quelf, please!

  114. whizizle please

  115. Tough choice but I’m going with Flapdoodle. Go 117!

  116. Whizizzle Phonics

  117. Whizzle sounds like fun. I actually first heard of Quelf this Christmas. My friend’s cousin was the inventor 🙂 She brought it to a gift exchange.

  118. I’d love a Flapdoodle! Thanks,Mir 🙂

  119. Whizizzle Phonics, please and thank you.

  120. ooooohhhhh Wizzizzle Phonics please!

  121. Whizizzle Phonics! Thanks!

  122. Flapdoodle please Pretty Mir.

  123. My kids would sure enjoy Whizizzle Phonics!!!

  124. I’d pick Quelf!

  125. Whizizzle Phonics! Thanks!

  126. Flapdoodle please….Thank you for the chance!

  127. Whizzle looks fun!

  128. Tough decision but I’m going to go with Whizizzle Phonics please.

  129. One Quelf please! 🙂 Pretty Mir 🙂

  130. We’d love a chance to Whizizzle-
    Can we Whizizzle while we work?
    Thanks – another great contest!

  131. FlapDoodle seems like great fun.

  132. FlapDoodle for me please!

  133. Whizzle Phonics please:)

  134. I would love to have Whizizzle Phonics for my classroom. It seems like something my students would enjoy and benefit from.

  135. WHIZZIZZLE, please! Thanks again! Jessica

  136. Flapdoodle–we love games

  137. Quelf please!

  138. I choose Quelf.

  139. I like to say Quelf….Quelf, Quelf, Quelf!!

  140. Quelf for our family please!!!!

  141. Whizizzle my shnizzle, pulizzle.

  142. Whizizzle Phonics, count me in!

  143. Whizizzle Phonics for my Pre-Kers, and my baby…eventually!

  144. Flapdoodle sounds like something my daughter would like…so yeah…enter me in the contest for the FLAPDOODLE game. Um, Helloooo, random number generator, did you HEAR me??!! I SAID, “I want the Flapdoodle Game!”

    (I really am a nice lady, just trying to get the random # generator’s attention)

  145. So that it’s fair and both of my kids can play – I have to pick Whizizzle Phonics.

  146. Quelf please. It’s the harpoon really.

  147. Sounds like fun. Whizizzle Phonics please.

  148. Whizizzle for me!!

  149. Hi! I’d love the Whizzzle or the Flapdoodle. Either one will work great for our family! THanks

  150. Quelf sounds like too much fun. Anything with 550 cards…

  151. Oh Quelf, pretty, pretty please. Thank you, Pretty Mir!

  152. Quelf

  153. I’ll take a Whiz(izzle)!

  154. Whizizzle please…geez, I might need it just to be able to spell the name of the game!

    Be well, and thank you.

  155. Would love Flapdoodle! Thanks!

  156. Ooh, Flapdoodle sounds like great fun!

  157. whizzle phonics please!

  158. Those games all sound like fun — but I think my kids would enjoy Flapdoodle the most. Thanks for the chance to win!

  159. Flapdoodle please!

  160. Ooooo Quelf please!

  161. FlapDoodle sounds hilarious!

  162. FlapDoodle for me! I hope.

  163. Whizizzle, please! Thanks for all of the recent contests, Mir!

  164. Whizizzle Phonics here, please. And not to worry about the dirty socks, since during the summer everyone here wears sandals. 🙂

  165. Whizizzle Phonics, pretty please!

  166. Whizizzle Phonics! Please, Please, Please!

  167. Quelf please, you are so pretty.

  168. I’d love to play the Whizizzle Phonics with our son! 🙂

  169. quelf sounds like fun

  170. Whizizzle, fo’shizzle!
    Love this contest!!!

  171. Whizizzle!! Pretty please?

  172. Flapdoodle sounds like it’s up our alley… it’s about time for us to win one. Thanks, Mir!

  173. Flapdoodle sounds like something we would like!

  174. We would love to have flapdoodle!

  175. Whizizzle Phonics would be great for my almost 5-year-old.

  176. phonics!

  177. I’m going for Flapdoodle. I figure my two “funny brained” boys would love family game night with that! 🙂

  178. I’d rather have one of the games suitable for “younger” kiddos. I’ll use it in my classroom. Indoor recesses, you know, require games galore to keep kids from whining.

  179. Whizizzle Phonics, please!
    PS-My kids just picked up their dirty socks. Does that increase our chance of winning?

  180. I would love flapdoodle. Sounds like a great family interaction game!

  181. I want to try Quelf! It sounds right up my daughter’s alley!!

  182. FlapDoodle sounds like a great game for our family! Thanks for another great contest!

  183. Quelf would be great!

  184. FlapDoodle please!

  185. whizzle phonics is fun to write, and hopefully fun for my kidlets!

  186. I’d love all of them, but since I have to choose I will go for…. FlapDoodle, because I think it will make a great gift for my nephews. Thanks for the chance, pretty Mir!

  187. Hmmm FlapDoodle, cause everyone needs a Mr Sourface in their house.

  188. Whizizzle Phonics, please.

    And, while there are no dirty socks on our floor, the 4 year old did come home from daycare only wearing 1 sock. Perhaps it is on their floor?

  189. FlapDoodle, please! 🙂

  190. Whizizzle Phonics Please! 🙂

  191. Oooh, my vote is for Flapdoodle! Good luck to me!

  192. FlapDoodle sounds awesome! 🙂

  193. Whizizzle Phinics please!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

  194. FlapDoodle please!

  195. Ooh, Whizizzle Phonics please! And because it sounds like a great game, not just because I want to be able to say things like, “Fo-shizzle-whizizzle-rizzle-dizzle.” Because that would be dorky. Like me. 😀

  196. Whizizzle Phonics, please!!

  197. Ooops by the way I was entering for Whizzle in comment#119

  198. Whizizzle Phonics, please!

  199. Quelf for us!! Looks FUN!

  200. FlapDoodle, FlapDoodle, FlapDoodle…try typing that three times fast!

  201. oooh, pretty Mir, our family would love to win QUELF!
    We are intrigued by the harpoon!!!

  202. Whizizzle Phonics!

  203. Quelf sounds good to me – maybe it is sort of like quidditch?

  204. Quelf please! Thank you!! 🙂

  205. Whizizzle Phonics, please! My four-year-old likes his letters.

  206. Whizizzle Phonics sounds fun- thanks!

  207. whizizzle phonics please! sounds like a lot of fun!

  208. Whizizzle Phonics sounds like perfect game for my toddler.

  209. Whizizzle please! Thanks!

  210. Quelf- Please! Thanks Mir!

  211. Oh I’d love Flapdoodle.


  212. Whizzle phonics please oh please!!!

  213. Flapdoodle.

  214. Whizzle phonics please…

  215. Flapdoodle fun for me thanks!

  216. My son is only 3 but we would love Whizizzle Phonics.

  217. Due to the age, I think “Whizizzle Phonics” is the one we have to go with (if we don’t want it to collect dust for several years). I just hope we can play it with her!

  218. Whizizzle Phonics, Please!

  219. Whizzizle or Flapdoodle pretty please !

  220. Ooooo, games!! Fun!

    Me please!! :o)

  221. Pick me for Whizizzle Phonics!

  222. Flapdoodle, please!

  223. Quelf! Sounds like the perfect summer entertainment for a bunch of middle-school boys! Thanks, Mir.

  224. wow fun
    Whizizzle Phonics please

  225. Whizizzle Phonics for us! Thanks!

  226. whizizzle plea-zizzle.

  227. Phonics game please!

  228. Wow, they all sounds like great fun. Since I have to pick one, I’ll go with QAuelf. Thanks, Mir!

  229. Whizizzle Phonics please!

  230. The Whizizzle Phonics set would be great for my 2 y/o!

    Thanks for another great product review and giveaway, Mir. I’m always on the lookout for fun family games that sneak in some teaching stuff.

  231. Oh I’m all about the Whizizzle. Thanks pretty Mir!

  232. Quelf please! Looks like a blast.

  233. Whizizzle Phonics. Thanks Mir!

  234. Whizizzle Phonics!

  235. Do I have to pick just one? (insert whiny voice here~I’m taking lessons from my three year old)=)

    Practically~Whizizzle sounds great for the phonics aspect. I am a homeschooler.

    But the FUN of Quelf trumps the practical-ness of aNOthER phonics resource. Plus, my kids are getting older and more of us would benefit from a fun game.

    So, first choice, Quelf. And if it matters, second choice, Whizizzle. I do still have one more to teach to read. *sigh*

  236. Whizizzle please …

  237. Whizizzle Phonics would be perfect for our family game night!

  238. Whizizzle Phonics would be great!

  239. Flapdoodle for me please

  240. Quelf sounds like fun.

  241. The kids would love Flapdoodle. Thanks! 🙂

  242. I love love love games!!!!!!

  243. Whizizzle Phonics, please please please please please!!!!!!

  244. Whizizzle Phonics for the kiddies.. Thanks

  245. Whizizzle Phonics please!

  246. Whizizzle Phonics here!

  247. I chose Whizizzle! Because Quief means something totally different where I come from. Ew.

  248. pick me for Quelf! Pretty please!

  249. Quelf!!! 🙂

  250. Whizizzile seems really cool!!!

  251. Whizizzile Phonics, please!!

  252. Whizzle phonics, please!

  253. flapdoodle me, please!

  254. Flapdoodle, I think. They all sound fun to me.

  255. I want to Flapdoodle!

  256. Whizizzle Phonics would work for us soon– thanks!

  257. Would love Whizizzle Phonics! Thank you again for another wonderful contest!

  258. Wow, that’s a lot of entries above mine. We’d do quite well with Whizizzle Phonics, please.

  259. We would love to try Whizizzle Phonics.

  260. I know I’m with the masses on this one – we would love a set of Whizizzle Phonics!

    Thanks, Mir.

  261. The Whizizzle Phonics sounds like a great fit for my little girl.

  262. Please enter our name for a chance to win the Whizizzle Phonics.


  263. Whizizzle would be awesome! Thanks!

  264. Whizizzle Phonics Please!!!!!

  265. quelf please!

  266. Quelf for me please!

  267. Go 269 go!

    The one for the 4+ please.

  268. yay for quelf!

  269. Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

    Oh, Pretty random number generator, I think we would enjoy Quelf please.

    Thanks for another great contest Mir!

  270. Please sign me up for the “Whizzle” fo’ shizzle. (Sorry, don’t mind Snoop Dogg over there.)

  271. Whizizzle Phonics for my pre-reader, please!
    Going to check the floors for dirty socks!

  272. QUELF sounds like it’s our kind of game 🙂

  273. Please enter me for a chance to win Quelf. We often host “activity nights” and “games days” for our homeschool group and I think the 11-15 crowd would love this!

    Lots of giveaways this summer, hmmmm! Way to go, Mir!

  274. OOH, Quelf please! Anything with a giant invisible harpoon is right up our alley!

  275. Quelf Please!

  276. Whizizzle Phonics please. My soon-to-be five year old son insists that he can’t read or write his name until he is five. His birthday is July 3rd and I want to be ready! Thanks.

  277. Whizizzle Phonics for me, please!

  278. FlapDoddle please

  279. Whizizzle Phonics, please 🙂
    I love your comments too!

  280. Whizizzle Phonics would be great for my son. Thanks.

  281. Quelf please!!!

  282. Ooh! Ooh! Quelf, please! I would love to have Quelf – it’s already been on my wishlist for a while. The kiddo would love playing it and so would we!

    I didn’t know about the giant invisible harpoon, though. That is all kinds of awesome.

  283. Flapdoodle or Quelf!

  284. Whizzizzle for me please!

  285. Quelf, thanks.

  286. Flapdoodle sounds fun.

  287. Well, give me a Flapdoodle if I win. Thanks bunches!

  288. I’d like a Quelf, please!

  289. Quelf! Quelf! Quelf!

  290. Quelf sounds awesome!

  291. I’ll go with the whizizzle phonics.

  292. Would love the Whizizzle phonics!

  293. Hi, Flapdoodle would be great for my family. Thanks!

  294. Quelf would be great.


  295. Whizzizzle sounds like a lot of fun, and learning at the same time. Amazing!!

  296. Flapdoodle! Even if I don’t win, I might just go around exclaiming “flapdoodle!” It’s very fun to say.

  297. Whizizzle sounds great for my grandson.

  298. Quelf sounds like super!

  299. Pick me pick me! We love games.

  300. I’m a new reader and this is my first contest. I would love to try Quelf!

  301. Whizizzle Phonics, pretty please.

  302. I would love a game with an invisible harpoon. Quelf please.

  303. I would definently play Flapdoodle with my nephew.

  304. flapdoodle for me please – my nephew would love it!

  305. Quelf would be so fun!

  306. Flapdoodle please. Thanks for all the chances to win!

  307. I would love to be entered for Quelf! Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  308. Oh FUN! I seriously need that Quelf game. That looks hilarious!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  309. i want to have outrageous fun with my family and friends. Quelf will inspire me to use my creativity, wit and sense of humor in ways i’ve never imagined.

  310. Whizzizzle me, please!

  311. Whizizzle Phonics please – I think my girl would love it!

  312. Let’s do the FlapDoodle!

  313. FlapDoodle looks like tons of fun .. we would love to play on Family Night. Thanks Mir for your great website!

  314. Quelf, pretty please!!

  315. Awesome sounding games- Whizzle could keep 6 of my 7 ankle bitters occupied!! And occupied kids are GOOD kids!

  316. I would love to win Quelf!

  317. Well flap my doodle and call me Nancy! Flapdoodle please.

  318. Whizizzle Phonics would be perfect for my girl!

  319. Oh, Qwelf or Flapdoodle would be flapa licious.

  320. Quelf, please!

  321. Whizizzle is just what we need! Want! Whatever!

  322. Flapdoodle, please! (Somehow, Quelf sounds mildly obscene … OH STOP IT. Sorry.)

  323. Quelf please. I would love to bring the cool game AND the wine to game night. *GRIN*

  324. Since everyone in my family is supposedly a grown-up, I’d like the Quelf game, please.

  325. I’d really like Quelf! Just the name makes me snicker a little.

  326. I would love to have Quelf for my family!

  327. Flap Doodle sounds like it would be great fun!

  328. Whizizzle Phonics!!!

  329. Whizizzle phonics, please!

  330. Flapdoodle please! And who gets a job making up these names?

  331. Flapdoodle, please!

  332. Whizizzle here, please! 🙂

  333. whizizzle looks cool and my boys would love a new game!

  334. Whizizzle Phonics, please!

  335. Flapdoodle sounds like fun. Thanks!

  336. Whizizzle sounds great

  337. I’m so excited about FlapDoodle! It would be great for family game nights. Or game nights where invite our friends and their kids. And if it helps, I don’t leave dirty socks on the floor! Although once, in a fit of frustration I confiscated 5 pairs of shoes (belonging to my husband and stepdaughter’s and abandoned all over the living room) for the rest of the weekend. It helped…for a while.

  338. I’ve heard great things about Quelf and would love to try it – thanks for the giveaway!

  339. My nephew would probably like the F-Doodle best, but right now he could really use something like Whizizzle Phonics, so sign me up for the Whizizzle, my Mirzzle.

  340. Whizizzle Pho-shizzle, er Phonics, please! (Yes, I made myself giggle.) 🙂

  341. Whizzizle please! We’re tying to learn our letters around here. My son that is, I actually already know mine.

  342. Whizizzle sounds like fun!

  343. Were I to be chosen, I would choose Whizizzle.

  344. Quelf sounds fun to me 🙂

  345. My kids would be happy with any, but I’ll choose, since you made me, Whizizzle since I’ve got one still learning to read.

  346. FlapDoodle for us!

  347. Whizizzle Phonics sounds great!

  348. Quelf would be great! Thank you!

  349. Whizizzle (I already forgot how to spell it) please!

  350. Whizizzile for me. Thanks Mir.

  351. Quelf would be wonderful! Thank you!

  352. Flapdoodle!!!!!!!

  353. I would like to win Flap Doodle, please. My daughter will be 6 in a few months and this would be a perfect game for her! Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  354. If I’m a winner, I’d like Flapdoodle!!

  355. I have grandchildren in all of the age groups those three games cover. If I can only choose one, I’ll choose Flapdoodle! (but all of them sound like great games!)

  356. Whizizzile, please! Mine are 4 years old – and htis would be wonderful for them.

  357. Quelf sounds like it would be fun. 🙂

  358. We really need an excuse for more family time around here. Summer is getting long and mom is getting cranky, so something new to do would be great! We’d do best with FlapDoodle, I think! Thanks pretty Mir!

  359. flapdoodle looks really fun. please count me in for this one. thank you so much!!

  360. FlapDoodle please! 🙂

  361. me!! We are bored silly

  362. whizzizzle phonics!

  363. We love games!! And as a special ed. teacher I’d love Whizizzle Phonics!

  364. Whizizzle Phonics sounds like fun!

  365. Quelf please.

  366. Hard to choose, but Whizizzle please!

  367. Quelf!

  368. Hello swett Mir!
    Flapdoodle ,please, please, please!!!!!

  369. Quelf sounds really, really fun. I have a 123 year old daughtger and I think she and her friends would really love this.

  370. Holy excellent giveaway! I love these for their names alone already.

    I’d love the phonics compendium of crazy whizziziness.


  371. This mummy would like the whizizzle game. ^.^ Thanks!

  372. Whizzle phonice please!

  373. Whizizzle Phonics pretty please!!

  374. Phonics game, please. 🙂

  375. Quelp! (I just love the name)

  376. We love games, Whizizzle please

  377. Pick me please, Quelf sounds like fun!

  378. Given that Quelf has the best name ever, how could you not want that?

  379. Whizizzile would be great–Mir, save my daughter from illiteracy!

    (Okay, so she’s five and is working on it, but didn’t the illiteracy thing sound better? I thought so.)

  380. just found your site from the bargain shopper lady,
    already got the lunch bags and sweater from lands end.
    have 4 kids, something like flapdoodle sounds fun,

  381. Quelf is the one I’d love to play! I work with kids and I think they’d love to play this silly game! It would give me a good excuse to make a fool of myself….not like I need one or anything!

  382. I’d love Whizizzle Phonics for my kiddos!

  383. I would love to win Quelf. Thanks.

  384. Quelf looks like a great game.

  385. I would want the Wizizzle Phonics. kristie2 (at)

  386. Ooo! I would be the one Flapdoodling. 🙂 (It sounds like something you would do with pancakes. And who doesn’t love pancakes?)

  387. FlapDoodle sounds like oodles of fun! My daughter would love it! Thanks!

  388. We are interested in “Quelf”!It would preoccupy our family in Alaska on those long/cold winter nights!;)

  389. Quelf sounds like it’s really fun!

  390. Oh, FlapDoodle, for sure. That just sounds like something we would enjoy. 🙂 Thank you!

  391. Quelf looks like a lot of fun!

  392. Sign me up for the Phonics game please.

  393. Quelf pretty please!! How fun!!

  394. Whizizzle, please!

    Thank you!

  395. Would like phonics game . THANKS

  396. For myself… a game of Quelf.


  397. Whiz me !

  398. Everyone needs a giant invisible harpoon – especially me. Quelf please!

  399. Quelf sounds like it would be really fun!

  400. I would love to check out the Quelf game – it sounds really cool!

  401. I think I’d like the Quelf game. We have lots of kid games, and need some fun for the grown-ups too. Besides, that harpoon might be handy for the giant invisible whale in my living room.

  402. Whizizzle, please!

  403. FlapDoodle looks like a fun fit for my family.

  404. Whizizzle Phonics is just what we need!

  405. Quelf!! 😀

  406. Quelf sounds like a fun one for our family

  407. Quelf, please. Thank you!

    carolie at wordmagix dot com

  408. quelf looks fun 🙂

  409. Whizizzle would be great here!

  410. I would love to try FlapDoodle.

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