It’s Thursday — head over to LL Bean

By Mir
June 26, 2008

Did you forget to check the LL Bean Thursday Morning Markdown? Today it’s comfort mountain mocs for the kids, just $15. (They are out of my daughter’s—a.k.a. Flipper’s—size, alas!) Use coupon code 3001059 to ship your order for free, and looky there… you’ve just bought sturdy back-to-school shoes at a great price, and now you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the summer.

Nice work.


  1. Mir, has anyone mentioned lately that you rock the hizzy?

  2. Where do we enter the code? Under “coupons” it asks for an issue date… help!

  3. Cool. Thanks so much for pointing this out!

  4. ChristieNY- just go to promotions instead of coupons, and you can enter the code there!
    Mir- thanks again for the deal and disregard my e-mail- I figured it out! (I’m a little slow this morning!)

  5. Oh, my daughter will love those. Thanks!

  6. Oh Thanks for this! I’m glad that is 3 pairs of new shoes for school down at a great price.

  7. I only wish they had them on sale in men’s sizes. These would be perfect for Amigo!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I bought two pairs. I just hope they still fit when school starts!

  9. Just ordered 4 of these soft toed crib shoes, just like Robeez, but ONLY 1/3 the price. On sale now for $8.95 & so adorable!!!

    Also have a FREE SHIPPING code until July 01, 2008
    Code: 3001059 (Go to the checkout screen & click on promotion code, then enter the code.)

    Happy Shopping!

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