Winners of the Wiggity Bang games contest

By Mir
June 26, 2008
Category Contests

Hello, all of you pretty, game-playing people! Did you enjoy the latest contest to win great Wiggity Bang games? I know that I did. I enjoy the suspense, you know. And because this contest has six winners of three different prizes, it was a really action-packed selection process. 415 entries, and here are the results:

Commenters Michele D (189) and Emily (15) were the first two numbers drawn, and they’ll be receiving FlapDoodle and Quelf, respectively. Because they didn’t choose the same game, I was able to again draw a pair of numbers, which led to Angela (56) and Chris (294) both winning Whizizzle Phonics sets. Then came the hard part: Drawing numbers one at a time to give away the remaining copies of FlapDoodle and Quelf. After many presses of the button, I finally ended up with Judy Brittle (363) winning FlapDoodle and Heather (327) taking the last game, Quelf.

Winners, check your email! I’ll need your mailing addresses, as I left my psychic abilities in my other pants!

Everyone else: Please remember that I am an absolute stickler for the rules, and if I say you must tell me which one game you want and you name two, you will be disqualified. I drew many, many numbers that led to folks who didn’t follow the rules and therefore didn’t win. Another rule is that you must leave a valid email address—I have a regular reader/commenter (you know who you are) who uses a dummy address and guess what, I drew your number and really wanted you to take that prize, but… you were disqualified because I have no way to email you. That made me sad. Just sayin’.

Many, many thanks to the kind folks at Wiggity Bang for donating the prizes, and to all who played (yes, even those of you who have trouble following directions). Nothing makes my shriveled little heart grow three sizes like giving away free stuff, people. Stay tuned for more contests, because I think I’m addicted to them.


  1. Ack! Was that me?

  2. Yes, dear. I would’ve emailed you this response, but, oh yeah, no valid email address. 😉

  3. joy! rapture! thank you!

  4. Happy dance, happy dance! We are getting together with family at the end of July and now we can provide entertainment! Thanks so much pretty Mir.

  5. I have been an avid reader of your site and have enjoyed many deals that you have posted. I have love your witty writing abilities, and your sense of humor. Never have I seen a giveaway for a game get so serious.

  6. I love how you crack the whip – seriously, rules are for a reason…

    Love your site and check daily, thank you for your hard work for us deal lovers!

  7. Heheheh… I don’t “crack the whip” to be a pain, I do it because I want things to be fair because I love all of you pretty people. And when people are losing out because they’re not paying attention, it bums me out.

  8. Oh – I know that, Mir! You are too pretty to be mean – hee, seriously! 😀

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