Deals to wear under there

By Mir
June 30, 2008

Remember how your mother said never to leave the house in ratty underwear, because what if you were in a car accident or something? You’re mother’s neurotic, but you still deserve nice underthings. Particularly (men, look away) nice bras, with functional elastic. Most women I know cling to old bras as if they were too precious to give up, and I am here to tell you that it’s okay, you’re allowed to buy new ones. Really.

Anyway, there’s a big Summer Sale at Figleaves right now, which means you can score some great deals on underthings, swimwear, and maybe even some lovely loungewear.

Make it even better: Ship your order for free with coupon code ADORE. Maybe put the savings towards a little something you don’t need so much as just want. Just a suggestion, of course.


  1. Cleaning my underwear drawer is on my to-do list. I think it’s time; I can replace those bras that are repaired with duct tape! (I am not kidding.)

  2. New nursing bras. Ah, the luxury of it.

  3. Finally got around to doing this and the free shipping still worked. Nursing bras in large cup sizes are hard to find…. getting them fairly cheap and shipped for free is awesome! Thank you so much!

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