Making up your own will, for free

By Mir
June 30, 2008
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Many thanks to pretty, pretty Jill for alerting me to this one: If you go to Suze Orman’s Will & Trust Kit site and enter code people first, you’ll get a free activation code. Then you can download her kit and make your own will.

I’ll add just one caveat: This is better that not having a will. Better still, though, is getting some actual legal advice, too. Just sayin’.


  1. My husband and I were just discussing our lack of a will! We were not even sure where to begin, so this came at just the right time! Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I needed to do that and it was super easy!

  3. Please remind people that Sue’s form is NOT STATE SPECIFIC so the requirements in your state may vary dramatically and you may cause more harm than good. Also, a will does not avoid the probate process, does not deal with incapacity and does not give you the beneficial tax treatment that a trust would. The best advice: spend some dough and see an attorney — especially if you have a blended family or non-traditional beneficiary plan.

  4. I have to chime in with Kelly, and in addition say that when getting a will, you should ABSOLUTELY get a health care power of attorney as well as a property power of attorney, which is best from an attorney. So many people plan for when they die, but don’t plan for when they’re still living.

  5. As a lawyer, I have to caution that these often are not tailored to the laws of a particular state. Wills have nuances that can render an entire will invalid, so it may not actually be better than nothing… just a sense of false security.

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