See WALL-E for free

By Mir
July 2, 2008

Well, not exactly for free, I guess. But right now if you spend $75+ at DisneyShopping, you can get a certificate for 2 tickets to WALL-E. Just use coupon code WALLETKTS.

(Side note: They emailed me this promotion, and while I skimmed the mail I wondered what in the world wallet kits were. Heh.)

If you haven’t yet seen WALL-E, prepare to have your socks charmed off. I rarely spring for full-price movie tickets, but the entire family loved it.


  1. We went to see this at 9 a.m. on Saturday (What? I have a three-year old and a newborn, when am I supposed to go?) and it cost us $20 with no snacks to see Wall.E. It was totally worth every. penny.

  2. I guess I’m weird, then, because I was totally underwhelmed with Wall-E. I LOVED the short at the beginning, though. It alone was worth the ticket price!

  3. Just FYI – you can totally stack the coupons – I used the tickets, a $5 shipping (shipfor5) and 25% Off (summer25). Maybe not really news, as they’re all listed on the disney site, but still..that’s a lot of coupons!

  4. love Love LOVED WALL E!

  5. What happens if we don’t wear socks when we go to see Wall-E?

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