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By Mir
July 8, 2008
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I know, I know—it’s been, like, five minutes since I posted the last deal. I’m starting to feel like a pusher at the edge of the playground. “Hey, kid! You should try it. C’mon, just once. Everybody’s doing it! You’ll love it!”

I apologize. But it is hard to turn down $25 of dining for just $5, no?

Anyway, you have until July 13th, 2008, to hop on over to and use coupon code DELICIOUS to take 50% off your order. that gets you a $10 certificate for $3, or a $25 certificate for $5.

Plus, I’ll think you’re really cool.


  1. Heh, I’m already one of the “cool” kids!

  2. Thank you, Mir! They usually don’t have restaurants in my area, but I checked anyway today and THEY HAVE OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT ON THERE. The one we eat at at least weekly, always bemoaning how we spend too much money there and should really cut back, but we just can’t help ourselves. I know we can only do one certificate a month there, but at $5 for a $25 coupon, that’s $240/a year! Love your site and I tell all my friends about you. Thank you for rocking.

  3. After reading about the last sale here, I bought one for Orange on Harrison in Chicago and we used it last week. It worked just fine, even though the restaurant had just joined so it was all new to the staff. The $35 minimum included the fancy juice drinks they make there, AND they only charged us tax on the post-discount bill, so it turned out to be quite a good deal. A $40 lunch for $24 including a generous tip.

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